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Nevil original 1985 the seed bank of holland catalog

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Colombian gold and colombian black seeds

This line of seeds I got directly from nevils best friend and old business partner. They are both inbred lines dating back to the 70s From the seedcret sowciety Colombian gold ibl - 90 of 100 seeds left Known for a faster finish, big yield and broader leaflets and beautiful tall standing trichome dusted finish, coupled with intense Citrus (more Lime then lemon) top end propped up by a very pungent woody and incense bottom with some phenos radiating a skunky funkyness, make colombian gold a winner for breeders, collectors and small or large scale producers. It's been Colorados top selling strain since the last 2010's and for a good reason. Considered the fastest finisher from colombia, harvest times sit before and or around 3 months.
Colombian black ibl 80 of 100 seeds left The Colombian black was known for its darker almost black colors, and psychadelic effects. Also a unique rotten banana / fermented Mango top end with more woody, incense bottom leaning to frankincense and sandalwood, even some phenos carry a mocha or a / cola / 7 up profile Citrus profile like her colombian gold sister. And like all her Colombian relatives she is a bit denser and fater finishing then other equatorial varieties around the world. She will take a bit longer then her gold sister too. 3 to 4 months indoors.
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Tuna kush seeds and hybrids

****These are ic mag exclusive releases**** Seed numbers are very limited (1 to 10 packs) TUNA KUSH lines - Tuna Kush bx1 (Tuna kush x rock-star kush bx2) x original tuna kush) - Colombian Fish-Scale#1 Pure peru x tuna kush - rock-star tuna kush (rsk bx2 x tuna) - Great White Tuna (90s white rhino x tuna kush) - Fish-Scale Original green crack (s.s.s.c. line) x tuna kush Tuna kush Contrary to the urban myth that this ancient presoviet kush smells like fish, tuna kush actually is just one of the most pungent strains to ever be grown in bc. If not the most. When ingenious organizations didn't know what to do with the smell, and the fact that tuna kush was so potent and low yielding and long flowering these tops shelf aaaa flowers probably never made its past 50 to 100 km of where it was grown, a fair safe marketing scheme was sprung....air tight, smell proof seal them in tuna cans not just as a marketing gimmick but quality assurance to avoid detection in storage / shipping. I remember in maple ridge bc a retail vendor used to get occasional un packaged pounds of tuna kush. He would weigh everything into oz, then put them in a freezer bag, then Into a smell proof bag and then spray the outside bag with odor neutralizer and his truck would still Reek like a dead skunk was stuck in his grill. Tuna kush would fetch 280-320 an oz straight up as it would sell out immediately. Rock hard dense chunks. Thick Crystalline coating of resin. Uncontrollable odor of fuel, gas and skunk.... Now she may not be the easiest to grow, and may take 10-11 weeks to finish, and may not yield the most (unless indoors grown hydroponicaly with c02) but if you as a medical user, premium home grower, craft company or large industrial producer want some of if not the loudest most potent kush for pain and suffering, be the talk of the town, monopolize your market share, then bc tuna kush is worth the effort and patience Like most presoviet kush archetypes, she is slow and low growing, very low nute requirements, and is quite robust and resilient. Under optimal conditions she will reward you with 1st place trophy indica worthy nuggets that demand attention and respect which capture everyone's hearts and senses. Discussions icmag.com med-man-brand.com #lordofloud #medmanbrand #tunakush

Pink kush seeds and hybrids

****These are ic mag exclusive releases**** Seed numbers are very limited (1 to 4 packs) with the exception of pink pebbles which I can offer in bulk business to business as they are listed on my website PINK KUSH lines - Old Island Pink Kush (Pink kush x lizard hashplant) x pink kush (old island king) - Pink Rock-Star Kush rock-star kush bx2 x old island pink kush - Pink Head-Banger (Pink kush x lizard hashplant) x (med-mans head-band x conkushion) - PTSD #2 (Pink kush x tuna kush) x west coast sour diesel - Acapulco Pink (Acapulco gold X pink kush) - 88 Pink Hasplant Nevils (1988 nl#1xpnwhp) x pink kush - Colombian Pink (PURE peru x pink kush) - Pink Fish-Scale (Pure peru x pink kush) x tuna kush - Pink Rhino Pink kush x 90s white rhino - Pink Tuna kush (pink kush x tuna kush) - Pink Afghani Pink kush x pre soviet kabul - Kandahar Pink #3 Landrace warden kandahar black #3 2022 x pink kush - Pink Poison (Old Nelson bc durban poison x 80s skunk #1) x pink kush - Pink Head-Band (Pink kush x med-mans head-band) - Pink Chemdog - PMK (pink kush x med-mans master kush) - PK Ultra (pink kush x mk ultra) - Pink Mazar (Pink kush x pre-soviet mazar) - Pink God aka Pink Northen lights aka King of the North aka God King aka Pink Thai (Old island purple king X original pnw northern lights #2) only 1 pack left King is a Old Island hash Plant along with Jiffy Pot Aka Purple Skunk God buds mother and several other plants they came in on "loads" of Indica Flowers imported with hashish from Pakistan and Afghanistan between 1974 and the Russian invasion in 1979 . Back than the hippie trail went through Afghanistan all the way to Katmandu where my Friends Currie owned a Hotel and Disco way back in the day . An American Draft Dodger who Lived on Vancouver Island was sent to Pakistan to buy Hashish for a Motorcycle Club called the "Kings Crew "out of Calgary and Nanaimo later became HA . They had bought some hashish that was not all the same as what had arrived and "Julio" the guy they sent was a expert of the times . His Job was quality control at that time only Mexican , South American and SE asian flowers had been sold in Canada -USA . While he was there He saw these Huge lightly seeded indica flowers and got permission to load all available Space with the flowers as they were 10% the cost of hashish . Many Different types of Flowers arrived over the few years they were sold as "Donkey Dick" "Monkey Tails" and other Names .people had never seen these big Dense Flowers a outdoor Culture had already started on Vancouver Island the best of these strains Were Cultivated and soon after 1980 -81 The first indoor grows were started Growing under Mercury Vapour Lamps the Double bucket growing became part of the land scape Lava Rock became a fixture amongst that crew in the early Days even when I first emerged we had Purple and Pink King and many hash plants King was called hash Plant as was everything that came from the loads I named Pink Kush Pink Kush because after I went to Netherlands I was exposed to Kush type Plants and the smell was the first time we smelled something that smelled like King so I called her "Pink Kush" . So King was the Signature strains of the MC Kings Crew." icmag.com med-man-brand.com #medmanbrand #lordofloud #pinkkush #islandpink #oldislandking #kinghashplant

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Bullet-proof outdoor cannabis strains....

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- northernlights2 aka #R2 #oasis #texasroadkill 70 left
- #williamswonder aka #willieswonder #M31
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rock-star kush by med-man brand™

source med-man-brand.com / medman@med-man-brand.com ROCK-STAR KUSH™ SEEDSRock-Star Kush™ maple ridge kush clone –possible presoviet c afghanica – 60-70 days. Road-kill skunk / strong fuel/ burnt rubber / touch of coffee and sweetness. Tastes how she smells, has no ceiling and for a strong kush she has a unique positive effect. One of the most popular clones / smokes anywhere in canada. Eliminates every other kind on the market as people get “addicted” to this one. Will cut through anything you are smoking. 12 year old biker cut. Not to be confused with the numerous and few and far between “rockstar” bud circulating. The name has a dual meaning. Rockstar can really just mean amazing kind. In my case, the maple ridge rock star kush is a real legendary rockstar. Cures to a golden orange. Took 3rd place in Toronto for most thc in canada beating out 118 other entrees 2012, treating yourself cup 2013, It also took 2 cups in the same day champs expo toronto 1 enetered by me the other by remo 2015, 2nd place karma cup #1 entered by my student unlicensed producer And mutliple karma cups after. Since then it's will place top 3 anywhere she is entered. Expect to trash you moms with this or her hybrids. Decent to big yields. She loves my med-man tables or other hydro cultures. Amazing all around medical effects. Use with med-man brand nutes, the med-man method and med-man beds or tables for best results! these pics just came in from winnipeg mb as I sent the clone there in 2010 to 2 of my students and it thrived there ever since these images just came in via winnipeg / email

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med-man brand™..Black kush

Calling all breeders, collectors and affectionados These will be gone soon. Not available on my website #icmag release only Available now: BLACK KUSH (Only 10 packs of 20 seeds) - kandahar black #3 2022 x presoviet afghani hindu kush (landrace warden x vancouver island) The mother: kandahar black from landrace warden was the best of the bunch. looks and smells like what dj short would have used in his blueberry. Big, bulky and thick. Very pungent, skunky, earth and fuel with a hash and fruit bottom The father: is a line of presoviet hindu kush thats been grown on vancouver Island british colombia since the 70s. It's is one of the most pungent, skunky, fuely lines I have ever had the pleasure to work with. It needs 10 weeks indoors to fully mature. The KB3 will add size and vigor to the smaller more potent and pungent PSAHK. https://www.icmag.com/threads/landracewarden-hoper-valley-and-kandahar-3.18126040/ https://youtu.be/Ets4FC015yU?si=O9O-DZZ5-sVVPpmU med-man-brand.com