Monday, December 20, 2010

med-mans MGM Genetics

med grade marijauna genetics:

med-mans head band - a very special sfv og kush x the original sour diesel. 3 phenos, all amazing: 60-77 days subject to grower, conditions and phenotype.

pain killer -(conkushion x og kush). powerfull, the name speaks for itself. 60-70 days.

purple pain killer - (conkushion x purple kush). the afghani in the pk mom brings color, stoutness and vigour to the cross. 65-70 days.

west coast sour diesel -(my sour d mom x conkushion). one of the strongest smelling strains today. sour smell will penetrate concrete. look for diesel fuel smelling plants in vegetative growth to know which is the definitive keeper plant.

lime kush - (sour bubble x x18). the x18 adds vigour and girth to the slower smaller and very stinky sour bubble. the perfect hybrid. very potent. sour bubble is accepted to be stronger then og kush. 40-50 days.

conkushion - (og kush x afghani). the best for migraines especially for post concussion syndrome. this plant can be smoked all day with increased effect. zero immunity. 45-65 days. the longer the better but can be taken earlier for a more up beat effect.

med-mans master kush - (elite master kush clone x conkushion). look for the biggest fastest growers with the piney smell for the definitive phenotype. 45-65 days.

insomnia - (mazar i sherif x med-mans headband) - the mazar brings a lights out effect to the strength of the headband.

jack tripper - (karma jack x conkushion) - the jack herer adds so much to the cross. smell, look, size and effect being the most prominent features, a perfect blend of 2 power houses old and new. 60-75 days.

jack band - (karmas jack x med mans headband) - two classics unite, a perfect blend of power and strength. very complimenting parents. 70-80 days.

sour jackle - (sour bubble x karmas jack). arguably two of the most potent kinds . the jack invigorates the smaller slower sour bubble. more then a couple keeper types, subject to the palate of the producer, 56-70 days

Monday, August 16, 2010

medical license success!!!!!!!!!!!!

medical license success!!!!!!!

though medicine and such are usually confidential, after reading and posting in a recent article, ive decided to take the bull by the horns and back my posts and create a resource for canadians whom are entitled by law access to marijuana for medical purposes.

this info was provided care of The Kind Canna Collective: truthfulness compassion tolerance

to contact this non-profit society(landlords, lisencees, growers, patients etc) you can reach
the med-man at:

this post is not for the manipulation of system, but of ourselves to a system for our health and benefit as a whole.

i hope that this does not break any rules or guidelines in ic mag, because i will just describe my situation, and be open to comments and or question pertaining to the topics of topics in canada.

1- research the web or anywhere for info on how marijuana helps you and your ailments.keep a record of the origin of the strain that helps you most, and why. keep a journal of your use and how it compares to the study refernce material.

2- avoid eating anything artificial:aspartame, gmo foods, flouride, colors, msg, non "organic", processed, flavours etc etc read the goddam labels people

3- start a form of meditation. i recommend falun gong aka falun dafa. but anything will do. keep a medical journal of how it helps you mind, body and soul. anything will do from tai chi to seated stillness.

4- eat only the rawest most natural("organic") forms of food. the closer to the sun in the food chain the better. avoid any corporate meats, especially chicken. do your best. if you realy are sick, you will want to feel better, no?

5- find out the best way to take the cannabis that helps you the most:vapor and eating are prefered to doctors, smoking, butter, budder whatever. keep a record in your personal med Journal.

6- most doctors believe they know all there is to know about the universe and peoples biology(post secondary indoctrination), except cannabis. they are told its harmfull, addictive and just evil. this is where your own research, studies and proof come into play

7- read "the medical mafia"
take all your photocopies, research material, your journal and a balls out attitude to your doctor. make sure to have alll of your mmap forms filled out by you minus their own signature.

8- face your doctor with confidence, will, intent and determination, like you are talking to achild, because this is their knowledge about this ancient medicine. tell them about and show them your documentation on centering your diet, mind body and soul with meditation, and show the proof and studies of your own and scientists on how your particular starin suits your needs, quoting from your journal. DO NOT FLINCH IN YOUR CONVICTIONS.

9- explain that this starin, coupled with all your other life changes are your equation for well being, abd that you want control over the medicine you take by growing it yourself, and that as a canadian you have a human right to this ancient form of naturalk remedy. which will also help in your mind body soul meditation routines. give them the papers and tell them to sign,. that you are healing holistically and need holistic medicine, and reject any synthetic treatments. give them the papers and TELL them to sign. if they wont, you have a human right to a referal to a doctor whom they have to find for you to sign them. if they refuse, you have to tell them you will be forced to take them to the human rights commision courts for breaching your canadian right to marijuana as medicine.

10- with confidence and knowledge on your side, there wont be much more the doctor can do but sign or give you a referal to someone they will.

this is a very vague description of my personal experience. if you give the doctor power over you by asking what they think, you will be rejected, becuase bringing hearsay to a doctor with no proof of it is bogus in the scientific world. doctors perceive pot as stated earlier, so telling them its this wonder drug that cures you alone will not fly. be smart, you are human, take care of business. doctors are just humans with a title. just like anyone else. know your body, take steps to knowing it more, they cannot argue with science and your case studies. THEY CANNOT REFUSE YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING IN A HOLISTIC MANNER. D


Sunday, August 15, 2010

med-mans 4 steps to whole-istic, organic, self treatment.

the awareness that one is responsible for their own well being and fulfillment is paramount to healing the mind, body and soull. try to focus your energy inward rather then outward for answers/solutions in any ailing issue in life. keep 2 things in mind when you take your first steps to self improvement.

- the fact that everything in our daily lives is just a habit. negative behavior relies on routines to stay strong. the best way to shatter bad habits is by removing just one of the many components. the key word here is discipline. self discipline is the foundation of a more meaningfull, and vibrant existance. never believe or tellyourself there is nothing that you can chenge in your life, becuase we all can start or stop anything at the drop of a hat. just focus on your boundlessness, not your limitations, and you can apire to heal or be anything.....

-be cognizant of the fact that it takes the same amount of energy to hurt your self as it does to heal yourself. the impact of self healing is not just going to impact you but the earth as a whole. your relationship with the earth and its inhabitants will send ripples of positivity into a society plagued by self doubt, judgement, drama, violence and aggression. when you choose a more healthy existance, you will realize that you will soon be supporting your wellbeing anfd the wellbieng of others also trying to better this earth. our environment is a product of us, lets do our best to make it more enjoyable experience.......

STEP 1- meditation and exorcise. (stopping the inner chatter)

i strongly urge anyone to do falun gong as it has changed my journey more then any other meditation/traditional exorcise , and falun dafa is also very easy for anyone with a medical condition but anything will do from martial arts to yoga; hiking to the treadmill. get the heart rate up, energy flowing and stopping the internal dialog. i notice a quiet existance is also a peacefull one. meditation calms the mind to allow for a more natural existance, where on can draw his/her colusions from observation not subjectivity.

STEP 2- a natural, raw diet.

things to eat regularly: hemp and all its marvelous forms, organic as possible.whole oats and grains, nuts and fruits and veggies, legumes and beans etc. eat closest to the sun as possible. coffees, teas and spices from organic or fair trade sources.

foods to avoid:READ ALL THE LABELS! everything artificial from sweeteners to presevatives and colours, especially aspartame (nutrasweet), flouride and. if its not real dont eat it. glucose, fructose and white sugars. msg is awful as well. frozen or cold foods. meat of all kinds. animals suffer and waste from animal farms destroy our ecosystem. all genetically modified and altered foods. monsanto soya products contribute to pesticide poisoning and rainforest clear cutting. all commercial coffe and buproducts should be avoided as well. corporate soft drinks are every bad as well.

-drink 600ml-100ml hot fluids in the morning, 1 hour before breakfast. then with every meal. keeping the vital organs warms aids digestion inso rerouting energy the the immune system and glandular and organ health. keeping a hot inner core is so key to healing and helping yourself, and is a very easy thing to do.

STEP 3- intramuscualr stimulation, accupuncture or accupressure.

depending on your ailment, a weekly to bi weekly visit to one of these practitioners will improve your life dramatically

STEP 4 - the tree of life (cannabis) and its million and 1 uses.

finding a strain specific to your condition(s) is very important. some plants and their side effects may be detrimental to you. depressed people should stay away from drowsy sleepy plants, and stick to more energetic and uplifting types, as the opposite is true, hyperactive people shouls stick more stoney plants then cerebral highs in most cases.

sleepy plants- afghanis and norther indian/mountanous variteties are good for sleep, meditative hunger/appetite, nausue etc. not the most social

uplifting energetic plants- hazes and sativas. equtorial plants have a more cerebral and energetic high. more social in nature for the active user. mexiacan, columbian, thai, jamaican and african sativas/ hazes are awsome befor e a run, hike, jog, work out etc. anything active.

pain killers - hashplants (kushes from afgahnistan.pakistan). pain killing properties of these types are amazing. the edge taken off from head, muscle, ligament, back aches. any damaged or torn joints, tendons and ligaments. the effect is strong, and longlasting. lokk for the more fuely/hashy/skunky specimens.

hashish and oil (extracts) and baked goods.

the psycho active effects of hash or oil.resin from sativas and indicas are really seen more with taste and smell then anything. i prefer oil and hash smoked or eaten to to its very clear yet extremely strong effect. without alot of the side effects like munchies, burnout, paranoia and other common side effects of cannabis consumption. oil smoked or eaten immediatly gives me pain relief and a relaxed feel. eating any baked cannabis is also very powerful as the nature of effect thc changes when cooked.....


all in all, making positive changes with your lifestyle is easy once started, and the rewards for yourself and the universe in and outside of you is priceless, and more then worth the effort taken.....

Thursday, August 12, 2010

med mans favorite people and places

GLYCOLD are the guys to see when in need of air conditioning. they have 3 generations of experience in bc, and uphold pride in their work and service. they have true a/c units, air to air and swamp chillers to suit any need subject to your production site..... they are at 26975 old yale rd in aldergrove, bc. and offer un beatable prices to everyone....
click the photo and read for yourself, whole food diets help in every facet of a persons life, especially the more ailing people like me and the community im apart of..........
whole foods/capers food stores are where i get alot of my raw, natural food. they have a deli, salad bar, bakery, smoothie/coffee stands, and 1 of the best selection of all natural fresh and packaged foods ever. i try to eat closest to the sun in the food chain/web. othe rbenefits of buying natural food is 99% of the time it was created earth/animal/air friendly, so the extra cost for better food is a thankyou to the earth for her provisions. ytou can never put a price and a good diet.......1/4 of my whle-istc rehab and improvement therapy.......
3 years ago in a post cuncussive haze, it took me 10 minutes to find the entrance to ISTOP lol. the door is located at the rear of the building, where there is plenty of free convenient parking.
this is where the med man rehabilitates. this is ISTOP at 41st and cambie in vancouver. dr gunn, founder of ISTOP, pioneered a holistic form treatment for chronic pain called intramuscular stimulation. it is amazing for most ailments afflicting nerves, muscles, tendons and even headaches. istop is 1/4 of my my whole-istic approach to self betterment.
this is 3/4 of the bc northern lights crew. whom have not only helped me thru physically and financially hard times, and to get me to the point of starting the kind canna collective, but have also opted to join it as well to help me and the medical community to the best of their ability.....their dedication to helping people achieve their medical needs is second to none in the industry..... check out what they are up to at
the medical cannabis dispensary 2 locations : 880 EAST HASTINGS, VANCOUVER, BC and 1182 Thurlow Street vancouver bc. maybe the widest range of cannabis and extracts on their menu. from medical grade to lower grade meds they have it all. ive only bought from here and the healing tree when im out.......
this is dave standing outside of his brand new dispensary at 529 e hastings street vancouver, bc. him and his staffs goals are to provide the cleanest most potent medical grade cannabis. dave and his supporting cast can be trusted for their commitment to the medical community. these are patients helping patients......... check out there daily menu at )

Thursday, July 1, 2010

med-mans hand selected medical grade marijuana genetics

my mgm genetics are available to anyone with a health canada or doctors approval that cannabis is the best remedy

- 75% indica 25% sativa
- amazing blue cheese odor and taste
- flowering time 7-9 weeks subject to grower
- great for anxiety, depression, stress, stopping the internal dialogue, sleeping and munchies.
- old scool bc clone, unique to europe or u.s.

-75%sativa 25% indica
- amazing dank trepenpine/citrus smell and taste
-flowering 10-14 weeks subject to grower
-strong, vigorus and high yielding
-effect if powerful, prolonged and very energetic(makes kush smokers apprehensive lol)
-no one in canada has this cut
- bug and mold resistant, easy to grow and clone, big stretch so flower smaller then bigger

- 60% sativa 40% indica
- sharp lemon pine sol odor from the haze with a bit of spice
- flowring time 8-10 weeks better 10 the 8
- very energetic, racey and cerebral with a strong equal head to body feeling. very long lasting and should be smoked when there is nothing to do.
- a jack herer line from 1995, inbred with a newer jack line to make 1 of the most respected jh clones available
- dr clone got this 1 from me :-)

- 100% c. afghanica (kush)
- super sour diesel fuel odor and taste. charcoal filters cant mask this one. smells like fuel even vegitating
- flowering time 65 days
- very strong head and body. known to induce states of heightened awareness. very strong body stone and head high. long lasting with not much burn out. recommended for evenings and weekends.
- i was lucky enough to get this clone from a friend whom kept 1 alive from a very special crop of bagseed buds.
- one of my personal all time faves

- 100% c afghanica
- lemon/pine/fuel/kush smell and taste
- flowering time 65 days
- best pain killer ever. this stuff is strong. not for novices. long lasting effect
- a gift from the langley medical community
- maybe the most potent pot right now, more then the wesy coast sour diesel

- 50% purple afghan 50% kush 100% c afghanica
- beautiful fuel/skunk/kush/fruit smell and taste
- flowering time 65 days
- pain killer, but very energetic. all body, very long lasting. an ms/mr fave.
- the clone i received from dr clone for the kj
- some of the worlds most in demand medicine

- 80% afghanica 20% sativa
- super skunk x diesel fuel smell and taste
- flowering time 65 days
- great for schizophrenia, energy, then sleepy and munchies. all around goodness

med-mans own "BUBBLE HAZE"
- 75% haze 25% indica
- bubblicious bubble gum/lemon pledge/haze smell. dry bubble gum haze taste. clones smell like bubble gum
- flowering time 8-10 weeks. 10 being better
- this may be one of the strongest day time smokes around. very functional, but very stoned too. no raciness like other hazes/sativas good for any ailment. and awestrucks kush smokers.
- found in a nug of my test crops
- easy to grow, yields huge, beautiful bouquet

- 85% kush 15% sativa
- coffee/fuel/skunk/kush smell, dry coffee kush taste when grown properly
- flowering time 65 days, may ripen sooner under optimal conditions
- everything you need from a kush plant from pain to rest
- another clone gifted from the sour diesel guy
- fast vegger, big yield, easy to grow, very dense

- og kush hybrid
- sweet fuel/lemon berry/ kush smell and taste
- flowering time 65 days
- the power of og kush with subtle differences in power and strength more cerebral then ogk
- a gem found in a 10 pack of seeds from a bc 

med-mans HEADBAND
- 75% afghanica 25% sativa
- sour diesel/lemon kush
- flowering 65-75 days
- some of the world finest medicine from 2 top notch strains sour diesel and og kush. from pain to spasms this is the one.

med-mans kind canna collective - dmt's (dirt medical trees)

another textbook octo bush lol......(headband)
an octo bush in full effect lol..branchces are forced down laterally thru the cages then broken so they face down ward.....
all heaband, ready to e "octobushed"....
a happy headband, just starting to explode after a solid flower dragon dose......
karma jack week 4.......
karmas jack at week 4 as well.....
med mans head band at 4 weeks bloom......
the room at 2 weeks...
karmas jack at 3 weeks veg....
this day 14, doubled up as usual ),......... its bright in here
head band after 7 days veg....
this is karmas jack after 7 days of veg......
this day 1 veg, karma jack in the back.....
both drains (hoses) run back to the drain...........
so the pex connects to the selanoid and the return is connected to the garden hose. a bungee cord supports the whole mechanism.........
the plumber was happy to help, and only charged us 1/3 of his wage. if anyone with a license needs a good plumber let me know and i can pass his number on to you...........
cold waterr goes in, controlled by a selanoid connected to a thermostat, then runs to waste back to the sink........
these chillers will keep the breeze flowing trees blowing and most important out tempos at optimal conditions.........
just grabbed 2 3fan swamp chillers from GLYCOLD in aldergrove, bc. they are buyer direct and offer wholesale prices. check them out in my favorite places thread...........
this is the crack jack. a 10 week sativa phenotype of the legendary strain jack herer. my other karma jack cut finishes in a week or two less.......... the crack jack cut grows very similar to the headband, and blooms amazing neon green rock hard nuggets, giving it amzing bag appeal. this clone will yield huge, especially with trees, but performs well under any setting or grower. it smells like skunky/lemon pine sol/terpenpine. the energy this plant gives to the user is long lasting, often lasting into the morning the next day. world class plant........
med mans headband(bobby ocean cut). this is mostly leafless, squat budder. throw away the scissors folks, cuz these are labour friendly. we always have to keep the patient in mind. they are great as trees for their amzing vigor when vegging, they stratch out really nice, and have little veggitation to allow maximum bud ripening even deep into the canopy......
i took new clones for the grow, as the others got too big and stressed in their beer cups. we will be running some of med mans headband and crack jack plants. both lokk awseome at 70 days even. especially with a nice 5 days of dark and ice around day 65
both lines ran nicely into one end of the room, where both a/c's will be utilized...........
this is the second sink, same cold water a/c bypass....... complete with flow valve.....
becuase both sink serve as drains and cleaning stations, our brilliant plumber tapped directly to the water source for the a/c's, as to keep the tubs ready for unadultered use........
whilst our plumber finished up the second sink and pex for the 2 a/c's, i opted to cut 24 dmt cages. 4 feet tall and 6x6 squares. they train braches down for the first 1/2 of the grow, then hold up the buds when they start bending and breaking........
the generous folks at flower dragon donated a box of their special bloom booster for this grow to the kind canna collective. it is a non carcinogenic, more natural and cannabis specific alternative to top load or phosphoload or other similar products. it makes plants produce larger, denser flowers by increasing bud metabolism via stopping the plants from stretching and diverting energy to bud and trichome production. flower dragon is available at most if not all hydro supply retailers. soil can be reused as well with flower dragon, unlike top load or phosphoload or other similar products..........thanks agian guys ) check em out
the second sink is set up in the hallway inbetween the rooms. now the pex has to be ran and connected to the a/c' to the sink is the 330 feet rool of farm fence, which make our vscrog(vertical screen of green) dmt's......
one sink is set up in the closet space in the small room.......
we lined the 100gal res with ploy then opened 3 dirt bails in it at a time, broke them down and filled the totes. it went qiuck and easy with just 2 people........
finished off the floor to make it an official lab.....
we may end up polying the rest of the floor, wel see what happens.....noiw we just need our plumber and swamp chillers, co2 burner and planting is all that will be left.......
side lighting would really heat up the root zone without the reflective poly, why not make use of the extra light and solve the heat issue in 1 simple step......
i took a panoramic shot of the room. the reflective material utilizes all the light, keeps the light out of the clear totes and keeps root zone temps lower. if the totes were black id still wrap them for the other 2 benefits out of the 3 listed......
it took about 11 bails of sunshine mix #4 to fill 35 12 gallon storage totes. once we water and let the "dust settle" we may end up topping off the totes with a litre more of medium to cover any sink holes cuased by trapped air. its key to maintain a solid soil line in the grow....
these are all 40 babies being prevegged in beer cups as the production site is completed.......
the room will be og kush (left) and west coast sour diesel (right) with a couple purple kush, med mans headband and maybe some karma jack too
another angle.......
wide angle shot, lights lit, and extremely bright...... just what the med-man ordered )
only ametuers would set up a warehouse without a high heat kill switch, which i also had in storage. its the grey box/dial connected to the white cord and is set to 90 degrees to save the medz from any heat stress/death......
im providing my own nutes, a 100 gal res, propane tank and charcoal filter, tri meter and mag drive pump for cost......
number all the plugs to their respective bulbs......
all the bulbs are fitted and working......
this is the finished product. next shift we will be screwing in all the sunmaster super hps bulbs and firing them up for a test run )...
all 24 ballasts have been placed so tacking the cord and attaching the moguls is all thats left....
1/2 the sockets have been assembled, the supplier was out the day we bought them all the rest are there now waiting for us...
600w super deluxe hps bulbs will be used for this grow. for electric ballasts i avoid hortilux and use solar max or the pictured product......
these ballast are light, csa and lu certified, generate little heat or noise and pump out lumens......
the lamp cords are stapled to the walls/beams/ceiling until they reach their final resting places...
we attach the csa certified units to the wall or new beams for safety and practicality.....
we ran 2x4's acroos the studs to fit my blue prints for the lighting specs.......
i just got 24 600W digital ballats. time to rock......
this will need 8 more receptacles at 240v as there will be 24 digital 600w ballasts burning.
this was initially designed for a 16x16 flip flop timer. ive opted to do 1 room 24 lights and upgrade the power for the future. this is how everything was the 1st day on site.
i was told the last crop was left to die becuase of the ill patient tending it. this is a travesty to me. poor little guys.
this is the future production site, just thru the doors on the other side.
this is the game plan: x= 1 plant and 0 = i 600w sunmaster super hps
x 0 x 0 x 0
0 x 0 x 0 x
x 0 x 0 x 0
0 x 0 x 0 x
x 0 x 0 x 0
0 x 0 x 0 x
x 0 x 0 x 0
0 x 0 x 0 x
0 0 0 0 0 so that should be 24 lights, 30 plants.
30 plants always 12/12, and 68 plants vegging in the other room. 34 plants will recieve 8-10 weeks preveg and another 34 4-5 weeks behind the others.

or, option 2 is to start 24 clones and veg for 8-10 weeks and take 34 new clones at 4-5 week intervals. we'll get to that soon.
it was a shame to see all this effort wasted, thats where i come in ;-). the key is to have a win win mentality, where every loss really is a gain when the eyes to see and ears to hear it. our electrician has viewed the site and we think it will take 4-12 hours to get all the electrical done. we have to move the timer, make a ceiling grid of 2x4's to attach the cable and ballasts to, add a couple more timed boxes for the extra ballasts, wire all the boxes and sockets, and lay out the lighting schematics so we know what we are placing and where.

ive opted to start a non profit society and work for donations. my first gig with my collective is for an ms patient who has tried for a year now almost to produce medical grade cannabis and is too busy, weak or mentally available for the challenge.

my seeds were featured in the feb 2010 issue of high times under "canadas super seeds, and was contacted via the article on me for the task. i gladly accepted as im starting to to finally feel a little better from a bad motor vehicle accident in novemebr 09.

i offer equipment and labour for cost, and my wage is donated as a sum deemed necesarry for my performance. the only fee i have for initial set up is 100 per bulb for my gas, food and labour costs as i need to pay rent and eat too ;-) i have plumbers, electricians, suppliers and wholesalers, growers, trimmers and helpers down for my cause: a healthier happier world, and producing canadas kindest canna.

this will be my first official consultation as "the kind canna collective", and hope you enjoy the show. mm