Saturday, April 16, 2011

the med-man method

your reward for a minor amount of work and expenditure with the med-man method = massive medical grade marijuana buds.... pictured is an afghani x kush hybrid
keep seeded, f-1 hybrid moms for maximum vigor and immunity from pests...
screens allow every bud to have the exact same amount of light, increasing yield and quality...
remove the bottom 2/3 of every keeper branch then immediatly train them sideways with screens...
med man massages - gently twist, bend and stroke the branches
select the biggest plants with the biggest roots......
some trays and fluorescent lighting is all thats needed to find the best of the best of their class to advance into the bloom room...
uniformity is the key to success in any garden...
plant massages make for hearty plants that support bigger flowers, transfer more nutes and activates the plants immunity to get the best from them and you...

21 3inch rockwool per tray saves space and money and forces the best plants to compete to graduate to the final stage of growth...

the med-man method: is a very practical approach to growing that focuses on doing as little work and using as little energy as possible to gain the biggest and most potent strains possible. it is all based on the philosophy of the survival of the fittest and that a penny of prevention and prediction are worth a pound in solution. it has taken me over 18 years of practice to master my growers touch, and about 10 years to master the med man method(mmm for short). when growing less plants it is of the utmost importance to have uniform plants, to get the highest yields of the highest quality.

i have found that the better your seed stock and mothers are, the faster the clones root, the less veg time is needed, the more resistant to parasitic attack and the bigger more high quality yields in less time are achieved. so that is where we will start:

MOTHERS: is where the mmm begins....under optimal conditions, you would like to have a perfect phenotype of a mother plant from seed, lets call her a s-1 mother of 2 true breeding kinds. so the seed stock is f-1 hybrid, and your mother is kept from seed, so when you take clones, they are infused with f-1 hybrid vigor from the original s-1 stock mom. f-1 hygrids grow bigger, faster and more potent flowers. they will root faster and be immune to most pests if not stressed.

CLONES: all the clones should be taken from all the strong, top leads. they should be thick, sturdy and exposed to the most light. this will ensure that uniformity is achieved in rooting times and final keeper plants for the bloom room. only use 1 s-1 mom for the process, unless multiple strains are your objective, as it is in my case always, but thats me.

always take at least 4x more clones then needed. so if you need 15 finishing plants to bloom, yake at least 60 cuts, i would take a full tray of 72-78, but 4 x is perfect.

take the first 50% of cuts that root. they will already be vegging in the rooting tray and look healthier with new growth, and will be very easy to spot and pluck. throw away the rest of unrooted and or not keeper clones that arent as vigorous if you dont need them for anything else.

root the keeper clones (that are c-1 from a f-1 mother uoc) and root them in 3 inch rockwool. i love 3 inch because you can pack 21 per tray, and they are close so they all fight with one another to space. after 10-14 days cull away keep the tallest, strogest specimens for your big room. put the other have away just incase any die in your bloom room or veg room depending on how your space is. always keep the spares in case.

once the plants become established in the new space, start the loving process.

med man massages - once you have your keeper plants, that should be 25% of what you started with, the plant massaging begins. stroke ans twist and bend the branches. dont break them or snap them. this "loving" not only energises your plants and increase vigor, but it will boost the plants immune system. this makes bigger thicker stalks and plants, i like to force branches against gravity to form knuckles at the internodes. it also allows more light and air into the canopy. the massages should be performed 2 times a day in veg(even rooted clones if you are gentle) and 1 time per day in the first 14 days of bloom (3 weeks for longer finishers).

miticides/pesticides/fungicides - the mother should be treated with pesticide a day or two before cuts are taken, then the plants should be dipped at every transfer period; dunked completey until in their final homes. then a weekly or biweekly prevention spray until 2 weeks into bloom.

pruning and topping - smaller plants should be topped at 8 branches. then at 2-3 weeks bloom only the best 4-6 branches should be left to finish (just like the cloning step_keep the best cull the rest). the mmm calls for 2/3 of every keeper branch to be removed at 2-3 weeks of bloom. allowing the most energy into buds where the most light will be, while increasing air circulation and decreasing places where molds and bugs thrive. big trees should not be topped, and allowed to grow as tall as possible uoc.

shock flowering - give plants 36 hours of dark to get flowers popping in as little as 7 days, 10 days on average.

screens or cages - vertical lighting plants should have a tomato or best to have a farm fence to train branches sideways to increase yield, air flow, light penetration and quality. cannabis loves being trained sideways. top lighting set ups should add a screen after the 2-3 week bloom prune and all branches forced sidways. so vscrog for bare bulb side lighting and scrog for flat gardens.

h202 - add hydrogen peroxide at 1.6ml/litre to every drop of water the plants use from seed to harvest @ 1.6 ml/litre

advanced nutrients - ive never had bigger yields of higher quality then i have had using advanced nutrients. this is also a crucial part of the mmm.

shock ripening - give plants at least 72 hours of pitch black and ice water before harvest, to activate its immune system to prodcue more resin to increase yield, quality, smell and taste

med-man drying, sweating and curing - cut each branch at the node to give yoiu a natural hook, once trimmed hang the branches on clothes hangers, pack them on, they will shrink.

once the buds feel hard/dry, wraps garbage bags around the hangers, 4-5 in total, double knbot the top and sweat for 24 hours.

wait for bud to dry/feel hard again, then repeat the bagging for 24 more hours. continue sweating until the buds feel dry/hard when you remove the bag for the last time. once in jars or smaller bags/containers. ope once every day or two for a couple minutes.

freezer store large amounts, fridge store the stash you wish to smoke on.

if the mmm is followed and the grow is under optimal conditions. then the quality and yield will be of the highest order, with as little work and overhead. peace, mm

more dmt's

day 1 bloom
day 1 bloom
day 1 bloom
day 1 bloom
day 1 bloom
day 1 bloom
my clients last run in this space netted 20 pounds of mediocre kush. was very red and dark looking.... the dg secong last grow got 42. the kcc got 48 last grow with 50 plants and weve dropped the plants numbers and i will be around more often this run and i will hope to break 50 pounds of med grade marijuana.......i hope you all enjoy......
the stalks are very strong on this kind, all the branches are bent outwards to increase diameter and allow more light in as per usual.....
all the plants average 2.5 feet tall by 2.5 feet wide....these are exact objectives for flowering big plants, a perfect specimen.......
all of these pics are 12 hours into 36 hours of shock flowering, and they have already strecthed about 4-6 inches
this room has 36 1000w bulbs, with 6 bulbs off and 30 on being rotated everyday. there is 46 palnts in total
here is a skunk x kush plant donated to the kcc.......its called the big cheese and will be grown to see if she is worthy to be stored in our library of kinds.......
this super kush from bcsc is a perfect plant to grow trees with. the kush gives her more vigor and a big stretch for 4 weeks with a perfect circle of branches and tops.... im sorry for no previous pics, but my right hand man has been tending to this grow......
they have been receiving a foliar feed/bug spray twice a week for 3 weeks.
after 10 days in 1 gal pots they made it into these 15 gallon drums/garbage cans. the lids are used as plates to catch run off from the feeding run off. at this transfer they were dunked in more miticide.
hello everyone, here is some more dirt medical trees. this strain is nlk(northern lights x hindu kush). we got beautiful cuts from a gent we call ladybug, in 1 inch rockwool. they were dunked in miticide and immediatly tranfered to 1 gal pots.