Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"black magic"

black magic is what i call natures most medicinal substance: hemp oil aka hash oil. it can be used topically for virtually any ailment of the skin, muscle or tissues. taken orally to help to combat any malady. or smoked as a fast way to pain relief, falling asleep, increasing metabolism, increasing focus and awareness, deep meditation, chronic stress or stress relief, balancing and centering and the list goes on. watch "run from the cure" by rick simpson on you tube for a more in depth look at this oils magical powers . in this day and age, it would seem that this extract could most likely the worlds most 'essential' oil. it could free so many from financial burdens and gross side effects from pharmaceuticals and its parasitic industry. this plant and all its by products like medicine, clothing, textile, food, oils and resins is illegal (too most) because it can help us, not hurt us. i can probably name 1 in every three people i know that use this plant in one way shape or form to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. marijuana is the answer to so many of the problems the world is facing today, not the cause of them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the new bcnl 'producer' with great white shark

week 3 flowering( follw purple kush post for recipe)- thanks to advanced nutrients, the bcnl producer and greenhouse seeds(the great white shark), i've had to turn off the co2 and will probably be cutting them all in half becuase overall they've doubled in size last week!!! i should have never gave these ladies any veg time, because the combo of advanced nutrients, the state of the art cabinet and the genetics is literelly overgrowing their means!!! i'll make the executive desicion this week:) this is madness.
when the top leaves are facing 45-90 degrees, u know your plants are healthy and viberant.

these great white sharks display extremely tight internodes, lateral branching, thick stocks and dark green leaves. even after 7 days of flowering a very sweet, rich, pungent and skunky smell ( like freshly smoked herb) fills this cabinet and room as i do the weekly res change. it just smells like world class pot:) this same plant is pictured above with a wider angle.

wow, look at the difference from last week.

day 14(week 2 fowering)- the plants take up twice as much space as they did a week ago

(advanced nutrients) 50litre/12.5 gal

bloom- 187.5ml

micro, liquid big bud-125ml


b-52,mother earht tea bloom,hyox-75ml

liquid carboload-25ml


co2 flow-04


plant hieght-14 inches

in a week most roots and plants above have more then doubled in size with no co2! the great white shark from greenhouse seeds is one of the worlds most awarded varieties. its heritage is a white widow crossed to a super skunk. it recommended for indoor hydroponic set ups add does very well in "sea of green". a perfect strain for these cabinets. hoprfully we can get her to finish in 45-49 days. we'll see what happens:)

day 7( week 1 flower). thanks to the new model producer and clones taken from seeded moms, these plants grew from an average of 4 inches to 8 i9nches in a week. they could have been flipped to 12/12 at day 4, but i wanted to take them to day 7. what a difference from the week before! master secret: make sure all your moms grew from seed to get the "f-1" cuttings to grow with. i've seen yields increase 15% and crop time shortend by 25% using cuttings from seeded moms versus commercially produced cuttings from generations of replication.

week 1 flower- add co2 and four 4 ft t-5 sunblasters this week.

(advanced nutrients) 50litres/12.5 gal ph 5.5-5.8



liquid big bud-62.5ml


ppm 1100-1200

co2 flow- 2

plant height- 8 inches

day 1- great white shark- co2 will be added once plants show signs of optimal growth. master secret- if plants droop , curl or wilt during the first 3-5 days hps light, its due to the fact that the roots are looking for their permanaat home in the nute solution and brighter light intensity adaptation. do not try to fix the wilting!!! let them do their thing. these ladies took 3 days to root into the 3" cubes and put directly into the producer. these are all about 3-4 inches tall and will be given 7 days of vegetative growth. go to the purple kush post for new veg feeding program:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

bc northern lights "producer" - purple kush

day 49 flower- aside from a bit of powdery mildew that rebounds the last 2 weeks of budding, the buds are 100% white with resin, just glistening:)
day 49 flower- after 7 days of "final phase", empty the res and add 30 litres of ice water and 4 bags of ice, ph balance the water to 5.5-5.8, maintain water at 20-30 fegrees F, turn off all lights and give them 3-7 dqays of darkeness and ice water. this will ripen any unripe 'pop corn' nugs and add ounces of resin to the already ripe nugs:)

day 42 flower- these cabinets allow for such fast ripening that these purple kush plants might not have a chance to turn fully purple- notice the fan leaves just starting:) my friend just got back from cali and said people would spend upwards of 500-600 u.s.d. an ounce for this stuff in the dispensaries!!!!

day 42 flower- with no problems, delays or stress, a perfect feeding schedule and alot of love, this is my second "impeccable" crop in the cabinets and should yield 1-1.5 pounds of some of the worlds finest medicine- the purple kush:)

day 42 flower- this is the underside of the bud pictured below. madness.

day 42 flwer- check out how trichome coated theses purple kushes are at 6 weeks!!! you cant even see the green seed bracts. unbeleivable.

day 42 flower- these boxes are realy something else! the pks could have been harvested today or day 45 after 3 days of darkness and ice. they are soo coated with the sweetest smelling resin, awwwww, purple kush. today feeding is: 50L res; final phase(advanced nutrients) 125ml, hyox 75ml, ph 5.5, ppm 300, no c02. remove all major fan leaves to 1- stress plants to make more resin 2- allow more light to shaded buds so they fatten and ripen to increase yield and quality 3- allow for increased air flow:)

day 35 flower- these purple kushes average 24 inches and should average 28 grams each bagged and tagged.

day 35 flower- these buds are so sticky its hard to beleive they still have a 7 more days of feeding, 7 more days of flushing and 3 days of shock ripening( darkness and ice). notice how some hairs are browning, its a sure sign that those seed bracts have given up waitng for pollen and will be putting all their energy into producing resin to defend itself from birds, land animals and rain for the duration of its life.

day 35 flower- the buds are exploding, swelling and closing thanks to advanced nutrients' "overdrive".

day 35 flower- plants have stopped growing up and buds will now be closing, fattening, hardening and ripening. even the lower branches have nice nuggets forming. this weeks recipe is the same as last weeks(day 28). if some lower leaves start browning and dieing, just remove them, they now receive little or no light so all their nutes are sent up towards the more illuminated parts of the plant. all in all, this will be another perfect kush grow:)

day 28 flowering- both parents of this cali bred medicine originate in afghanistan. one being from south eastern( hindu kush mountain range) and the other northern (mazar-e- sharif) regions known the world over for producing some of the worlds most potent hashish. by the looks of it, i'm sure it didn't take ancient tribes long to figure out that this plant and its invaluable properties would become one of mankinds best freinds:)

day 28 flower- all you see is clusters of buds thanks to bcnl and advanced nutrients. day 28 flower- with help from overdrive from advanced nutrients, co2 and these coveted purple kush genetics, these flowers will now begin to tighten up and grow outwards more so then upwards. the 'stretching' stage is now complete so that bulking up/ripening may comence. even at this stage in the game, these specimens smell like a skunks ass, one of the signs that this is some of worlds most potent cannabis, and indeed one of the medical communities' most sought after strains. double click the image to see how much resin has formed already.

day 28 flower- look at how each purple kush is fighting for space, and how dark the leaves are in contrast to the buds. these short, stout, kush plants are perfect for these cabinets. the hash and oil that will be made from these "hash plants' is be world class medicine.

day 28 flower- week 5 feeding 50 litres/ 12.5 gallons (advanced nutirents)


mother earth tea-150ml

micro-125ml med-man's swell 30g




plant hieght 24"



ph down- 2 ml

ph 5.5-5.8

day 21 flower- thanks to the t-5 sunblasters, advanced nutrients  and med-man's trophy winning boosters and state of the art grow cabinets from bcnl, even the lower side branches are pumping out serious bud formation:)

day 21 flower- as you can see, thick kusk clusters of buds have already started forming. every where there are main colas reaching for its share of bright light. advanced nutrients makes the most bud sites, darkest leaves and tightest growth patterns:)

day 21 flower- this will be the last week of big bud before overdrive starts. i've opted to give them another week of nutes( 6 total) to bring out some purple and extra rich coffee/kush odor and tatse. use the same recipe as last week but:

co2 8

plant height 23"

day 14 flower-a different angle realy shows how vigorus these pure indicas are. kushes are known to realy jump in height the first 2 weeks of flowering before building extremely dense, stocky, pungent buds which usualy resemble nuggets more so then colas. mind you i have personaly grown kush buds averaging the size of my fist hydroponically in my "medical supercropping system". kushes tend to grow as wide as tall with appropriate spacing. the "pk" is a true masterpeice:)

day 14 flower- purple kush is by far one of my all time favorite strains. its effect produces a long and powerful stone felt in the arms, legs and chest. the odor is total kush with a strong coffee undertone. one puff from a joint and the high is immediate, smoke very expensive and dense in the lungs, and a flavour exact to the smell, like most kushes. one of the most medicinal and powerful hybrids known to man. i would like to see a thc content test done to see its percentage:)

day 14 flower- the longer you grow your crops, the higher the ppm in the solution making your roots the same colour as the nutrient solution which is 100% normal. its when a slime, sludge or algea, snotty looking film on the roots and/or bad smell which means your roots are a day or two from fully blown root rot. master tip- add hyox every 2-3 days to prevent rot and super oxygenate your root zone. b-52 over time will always leave darker spots on your roots as well at the surface area of your roots with respect to your average solution level.

day 14 flower, week 3 feeding-50litre/12.5gallon ph 5.5-5.8

(advanced nutrients)

med-man's bloom 30g




mother earth tea bloom, hyox-75ml

cannabolic stacker 1.5g, liquid carboload-50ml



co2 flow-06

plant hieght-17"

day 7 flower- the bc northern lights grow cabinets provide every thing needed to grow world class medicine (and allow roots to more than double in size in a week!): bright light, air flow, co2 and super oxygenated , nutient packed water. with all these needs met, plants are being cropped 7-14 days earlier then recomended by the breeder or supplier!

day 7 flower- week 2 feeding 50L/12.5 gal res

med-man's bloom 30g




hyox, mother earth tea bloom-75ml

cannabolic stacker foliar - 0.1g/liter

med-man's sugar coat - 75g



ppm-1400 (2 ec)

co2 flow-4

plant height- 14 inches

day 7 veg(day 1 flower) a clean nutrient solution means a clean rez which equals high oxygen levels creating clean vibrant roots rewarding you for providing them with the perfect conditions for optimal growth.

day 7 veg(day 1 flower)- roots are white, thick, healthy and at least 7 inches long.

day 1flowering(7 days veg)- in 7 days of veging, the plants and the roots have grown substantialy and are ready to be forced to flower. the stacks and branches are so thick and vigorus i find it hard to believe that most growers find the purple kush hard to grow. its 100% pure indica and should fare well in all set ups.

week 1 flower- 50 litres/ 12.5 gal. 4 t5 sunblasters turned on

(new formula for indicas)
grow,micro,bloom, 125ml

med-mans bloom - 30g

mother earth tea bloom-75ml

hyox- 80



sugarcoat - 30g

ppm-1300 (1.8 ec)


ph down- 2ml

plant height-10"

res temp-65-75

air temp-70-80

humdity- 50-60%

day 1- make sure to replace air stones every crop to ensure strong, healthy roots for a big, potent crop. also try your best to keep the stones as centered as possible to keep plants equal in size. master secret- line any growing surface with reflective material and/or sunblaster t-5's. it will decrease your cycle time. increase your yield and save you time and energy with pruning.

day 1- these pk's took 5 days days to be totally busting out the bottoms of the 3 inch rockwool cubes. i'm changing my reservoir level from 65 litres to 50 litres( 15 gal to 12.5 gal). over a 8 week cycle you can save yourself about 2 res changes in resources and deal with less spillage. if the old recipe is workin out for you don't change it, but this is where im at, thats all. it kinda seems like the new white reservoirs hold just a little less too.

vegging (advanced nutrients)- 50L/12.5 gal res -12 hrs hps/12 hrs 200w sunblaster cfl

(new formula for indicas and sativas im boxes))
advanced nutrients
grow- 187.5 ml

micro- 125 ml

bloom- 62.5 ml

cannabolic stacker - 1.5 g

barricade- 10ml
hyox- 80 ml

ppm- 1200

co2 flow- 01

1/2 ml ph down
plant height- 5 inches
ph- 5.5-5.8
res temp- 65-75
air temp- 70-80
humidity- 50-70%

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

O.G. (original grower) feeding programs

og feeding-dirt ph 6.2-6.5 (advanced nutrients) vegging- 15ml/gal grow
10ml/gal micro b-52
5ml/gal bloom

week 1 flower- 10ml/gal b-52, voodoo juice, sensizym
7.5ml/gal grow,micro,bloom, mother earth tea bloom
5ml/gal f-1,h-2,liquid carboload
1ml/gal barricade
1g/gal piranha, tarantula

week 2 flower- 10ml/gal b-52, liquid big bud, sensizym
7.5ml/gal grow, micro, bloom, mother earth tea bloom
5ml/gal f-1,f-2, liquid carboload
1ml/gal barricade

week3 flower- 10ml/gal b-52,liquid big bud, sensizym,voodoo juice
7.5ml/gal grow micro, bloom, mother earth tea bloom
5ml/gal f-1,h-2, liquid carboload
1ml/gal barricade
1g/gal piranha, tarantula

week 4 flower- 10ml/gal b-52, liquid big bud, sensizym
7.5ml/gal grow, micro, bloom, mother earth tea
5ml/gal f-1, h-2, liquid carboload
1ml/gal barricade

week 5 flower- 10ml/gal b-52, overdrive, sensizym, voodoo juice
7.5ml/gal grow, micro, bloom, mother earth tea bloom
5ml/gal f-1, h-2, liquid carboload
1ml/gal barricade
1g/gal piranha, tarantula

week 6 flower- 10ml/gal b-52, overdrive, sensizym
7.5ml/gal grow, micro, bloom, mother earth tea
5ml/gal f-1,h-2, liquid carboload
1ml/gal barricade

week 7 flower- 10ml/gal sensizym, voodoo juice
5ml/gal liquid carbolaod
1g/gal piranha, tarantula

week 8 - final phase

week 9- shock ripening- 3-7 days of darkness and ice water

og feeding hydro ph 5.5-5.8 (advanced nutrients)- vegging- 15ml/gal grow
10ml/gal micro, b52
5ml/gal bloom ,hyox,

week 1 flower- 10ml/gal grow, micro, bloom, cannabolic stacker 15g, med-man's kick 30g
5ml/gal hyox, liquid carboload , mother earth tea
1ml/gal barricade

week 2 flower-10ml/gal grow, micro, bloom, b-52, med-man's bloom 15g
5ml/gal hyox, liquid carboload, mother earth tea
1ml/gal barricade

weeks 3-7 (depending on strian)flower- 15ml/gal bloom
10ml/gal micro, b-52, med-man's bloom 30g
5ml/gal hyox, liquid carboload, mother earth tea
1ml/gal barricade

last 2 weeks before flushing begins- 20ml/gal bloom
10 ml/gal micro, cannabolic stacker 1.5g, med-man's swell 30g
5ml/gal hyox, liquid carboload, mother earth tea

flushing- 7 days of final phase(follow instructions), 4 days of fresh ph water 5.5-5.8,at least 3 days of darkness and ice water to shock ripen

transplanting- (advanced nutrients)soak your newly rooted cuttings or seedlings in 40ml/gal of "no shock" for 15 min before sticking in new medium. if tranplanting into rockwool(as pictued), follow "cloning" step 1 before sticking.

clones: (advanced nutrients)15ml/gal b-52
5ml/gal jumpstart (must smell sweet not decayed)
5ml/gal hyox

1-soak rockwool cubes in this solution of warmer water (85-95 f) with a 5.0 ph for 24 hrs.
2-in 7 days, add same solution to prop trays but at room temp at 5.5 ph.
3- by day 14, this formula should be applied again before transplantin
(if you aren't using stonewool, use a 5.6 ph recipe to your medium prior to sticking cuttings)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

trichomes and bud : medical marijuana strains

ricky simpson. named after a cancer curer on canadas eastern coast. this is a monster haze hybrid, with stocks as hard as nails, and gargantuan colas, innitial bubble gum smell maturing into a sour/skunk/haze/hash aroma.
pian killer. her buds are so rock hard they feel like they've been vacuum sealed. no joke. extreme pungent sour smell, very medicinal taste.

green giant- this plant has all the characteristics of northern cali starins- tropical smell and tatse, little if any orange hairs, neon green buds, extremely coated with trichomes, high yields. she is great for walks or hikes, an afternoon siesta, appetite, reading, morning or daytime. one patient i know uses this one specifically for back pain and bad cramps from pms. its a very social feeling.

green giant- when grown organically this beauty takes on more of a nutty peppery smell and very unique taste and high

green giant- this is a beautiful sative dominant plant that can be cropped at 7 weeks in the bc northern lights boxes, or left for 9 if necessary.

green giant- under optimal conditions the gg can yield 1.25 g per watt. specifically in hydro set ups. one of the best sea of green and/or super cropping plants i've ever seen!

green giant- it smells like a skunks ass when in a bag or pocket, like fresh flowers in the bag or jar, like sweet fruit or bubble gum when the nug is cracked and very bubble yummy on the lips when smoked in a bong and very fresh clean green and sweet in a joint.

green giant- one of the best specimens of a 60/40 sativa/indica.

green giant- developed in the emerald triangle aka humbolt,mendicino and trintity counties of northern california. one of many world class cannabis strains developed in this region.

a/k- the lower buds are extremely luminescent, a real fluorescent green

a/k- just look at the purple hues, this smells good enough to eat!!!

a/k- this plant is so dank it reeks of healing powers. these plants have been used ,in its region of origin, for thousands of years as "hash plants". harvested solely for their powerful resin.

afgahni kush- the best of both plants: extremely fast finishing, pungent piney kush smell, purple colour, high yields and a buzz you feel from your ears into the back of your legs. great for pain, appetite, insomnia, post traumatic stress or just a good rush of energy for ms. if you have responsibilities, don't smoke before hand, save it for the evening.

white widow- this is a shot of the leaf, just coated with perfect tall standing trichomes that glisten like gems. this plant is great for more functional patients. if don't wanna feel burnt out, or need your problem solving skills. very energetic, up, cerebral high. the best for day time routines.

white widow- this plant can finish in 7-8 weeks in the bc northern lights grow cabinets, 2 weeks earlier then arjan (creator of the whits widow)recommends for typical grows.

white widow

white widow- stalks and leaves are coated with tall standing stalked trichomes

white widow- this is just a leaf