Thursday, January 22, 2009

medical marijuana community

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this green giant is the same plant I'm holding pictured below. its a monster!!! thanks to the producer from bc northern lights. notice the lower branches from the t5 sunblasters!!!

green giant fresh out of a bc northernlights producer

white widow in a bc northern lights producer

bc northern lights is a bc based company and world leader in grow box technology, in this case medical grade cannabis(white widow) thanks arjan, the community commends you

hashish, an invaluable form of medical grade thc. both indica and sativa forms or hybrids, respectively, give a very "heady" high because highest grade forms of it contain no plant material leaving you "high" and not "stoned". it is also be a great aphrodisiac having a very social feel when smoked. highly functioning patients really prefer the benefits to "sheesh" because it leaves little odor when smoked or transported, is easily eaten or stored and very little is needed to achieve its desired effects. and remember: when your are sick and/or healing, i notice that sheesh is amazing for enhancing any type of meditative practice or energy healing or focused activity

white widow at day 21 in a bc northern lights producer

these nugs are afgahni/kush. short, fat, fast and potent make it a dream for commercial and connoisseurs alike

all questions, answers, insights, knowledge and comments are valued for the creation of cleaner, more potent and higher yielding medicine.

Friday, January 16, 2009

a-k (afgahni/purple kush) with bcnorthern lights

these buds were extremely resinous, dense and purple( the very tops). they could have been chopped a week earlier. that's fast. remember to take 1-2 weeks off your schedule because plants ripen so rapidly in these cabinets.

drying- for these i hung them on these clothes hangers in a closet with the door 4 inches ajar with an oscillating fan in the room. after 4 days the nugs feel hard so i wrapped black plastic garbage bags around the hangers (buds) for 24 hrs. remove bags and they feel almost like the day they were chopped. let them dry again for 24 rs, then sweat for 24 hours, now, leave them out one last time then bad them. if they feel too dry that's good, because once sealed in bags or glass(recommended) for 48 hrs, they remain bone dry but soft to the touch. within a week of opening and closing your jars( medicating purposes) your herb should take on a more sweet, long lasting taste and better buzz the day you bag it i find. i've cured outdoor plants in cold temps for 6 months and every month their high and flavour expands and evolves.
harvest day- 50 days (could have been 40-45!), in this case the plants are cut at the base(main stock), hung or held and trimmed base to top, branch by branch, left in tact and hung on hanger for safe drying in a closet.

day 7 of flushing-shock ripening- fill res half way with ice and leave box in darkness for at least 3 days and as long as 7 days. maintain the res at 0 degress celcius (32 fernhiet) for the period of darkness you choose. (if you want a little sweeter taste and have the time, shock ripen 10-14 days after flushing) DO NOT ALLOW ANY LIGHT IN DURING SHOCK RIPINING!!! this will add resin to your buds like you've never seen before.

plants grew another 1/2 inch last week to 17 inches. this experiment shows that with pure indicas in these boxes, veg time is definitly needed. i will be growing some island sweet skunk soon without veg time to show how 50/50 indica/sativa or around this ratio need only be rooted before forcing into flower. although without veg time you can add up to a crop or two every year with 6-7 week strains. so it does balance out for dedicated year round growers. btw, double click this image to get an idea of how resinous these plants are at the end of week 6. they could easily be harvested commercialy if need be. i like to add an extra 10 days to gain that conniusseur, medical feel to the taste and high.

week 7- flushing- notice how ive removed all major fan leaves for the last 10 days. this serves these purposes- it shocks the plants so they produce more resin, it increases air flow to prevent mold or mildew, opens up the lower canopy to brighter light so they mature better and increase yield.

flushing- 65l res- freash water ph 5.5-5.8 adding 2-4l of fresh water to res every day( if needed do not over water) . co2 - strain dependant. leave at last weeks flow or increase by one as all weeks before.

indicas grow dense buds, strong branches, the tightest internodes and dark leaves. its rare to find an exception to the rule.

though roots are still growing, the last 2-3 weeks till harvest they show slower gains during ripening which is very normal

they grew another 1.5 inches last week to 16.5 inches. plants are starting to reek like a skunks ass due to their extreme resin production. this is the last week of nutients for these fast finishing ladies

week 6

bloom 225ml

micro, b-52, med-mans swell 15g

hyox 100ml

barricade 15 ml

co2 7

ppm 1200-1400

ph 5.5-5.8

roots are still massing up weekly

these pure indicas stop stretching after 2 weeks, leaving the next 5 weeks to get fat outwards not upwards, this week they stand at 15 inches.

week 5 feeding- micro,b-52. med-man's swell 15g, bloom 225ml, liquid carboload 75ml, hyox, 100ml, barricade 15ml, co2 flow 6 ph 5.5-5.8

roots are 3-4 times the size again in 7 days. all this in just 28 days

this week the average at day 21 is 14 inches, up 4 inches from last week

week 4 feeding is the same as last weeks, but the co2 is increased to flow 5

in 7 days the roots have quadrupled in size. at this size they are ready for liquid carboload.

this week they grew on average from 10 to 13.5 inches on average

week 3 - micro, b-52, med-man's bloom15g

bloom- 225 ml

grow, liquid carboload- 75 ml
barricade- 15ml

hyox- 100ml

co2- 03

ppm- 1300

ph 5.5-5.8

only 7 days in the baskets and this roots are busting. remember strong healthy roots equal strong healthy buds

plants grew an average of more then half an inch a day this week from 6 inches day 1 to 10 inches day 7

day 7 of flower this week they get 150ml of grow,micro,bloom,b-52,med-man's bloom, 100 ml of h2o2, 75 ml of liquid carboload, 15ml of barricade. set co2 to flow rate 3 ph 5.5-5.8

day 4 of flowering, add 2-4 4foot sunblasters, turn on the compact fluorescent 12/12 and the co2 flow to 2.

above: the average height of each plant is 6 inches(15cm)

left: roots can pop within 3 days, once they due plants resume growth above the medium.
below:day 1 of flowering

this afgahni kush is actually the legendary purple kush from cali's medical dispensaries back crossed to an afgahni. this plant is extremely vigorous, easy to root, is extremely stinky, grows fat buds, is very potent, supercropped or sog or scrog and can be cropped between 42-49 days. just remember one of its only downsides is fertilizer sensitivity. never let your ppm ever get over 1400ppm or 2 ec. try to keep ppm between 1200-1300 the whole cycle for optimal results.

advanced nutrients

first week- grow, micro, bloom, cannabolic stacker 1.5g

hydrogen peroxide 100ml

barricade 15ml

co2 (after 1st three days) flow rate 2

ppm 1000-1050 (depending on ppm of local water system)

ph 5.5-5.8

cfl and t5 lights on 12/12 (after 3 days)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

med-man brand grow rooms/ production sites

the blue deez got it worst out of the 2 kinds. but still grew med grade tops.....
a typical coffee kush top.......
mmmmmm purple chunks ahoy.........
for what its worth with all the issues the coffee kush grew some awesome chunks of purple buds that smell like freshly ground coffe beans x kush hash.....
heres a couple blueberry diesels. from the same room with the same issues. still put out beautifully coated buds. over 1 pound
this is a over 1 pound coffee kush plant. it suffered floods, droughts, cal mag and nute deficiency, powdery mildew and mites. but still grew monster med grade colas.
from left to right: coffee kush, mapleberry and blue diesel.....
blueberry diesel, one of the best tree plants. it has spacey nodes and grows rock hard fuely blue buds. not much leaf or popcorn as light easily penetrates the canopy........
my coffe kush clone can out veg sativas any day of the week, and yields massive........this is 6 weeks in veg, over 5 feet tall already do the math lol.......
a perfect mapleberry specimen. she is a monster producer of sweet blueberry, trichome coated colas.........
the trees are coffee kush, blue diesel and mapleberry, at about 6 weeks old.......
pk preveging........a couple weeks old.......
here they are first day of flower. these guys felt some nute and heat issues from the veg room, which is dialed now..........
these are some mapleberry and coffee kush 1 weeks to being flowered........
im in the midst of converting a 5 room dirt grow to hydro. expert dirt growers always prefer hydro to soil once its dialed, which isnt hard to do. these are og kush on the left in the first phase and purple kush on the right........this is the 3 stage veg room.....
this is my non-prifit breeding prigram for the community. back left is a green giant, front left is an island sweet skunk, the next row from left is 2 female ultra kushes and on male, in the tray are chronics, og kush(la kush), and my own strain indikind, and furthest right is one afgahni kush and two purple kushes:)
they are started in in 5 gal grow bags or pots then transplanted at 2 feet to 20 gallon pots

the plan is to let each plant take up a 4 by 4 by 4 area

plants are grown in 20 gallon pots and should be 5-10 feet tall when ripe

this is 1/4 of a 120 plant/120 light medical grow

og kush is by far one of my all time favortie strains. LA'S finest og kush produces rock hard pop corn nuggets that have the usual kush smell with a strong piney undertone. the high is more cerebral then the purple kush due to the fact it does have some sative in it from the infamous chem dawg family. this high is immediate and long lasting and extremely powerful. one of the strongest highs and tastiest herbs on the planet. where is this strain at the cannabis cup? sorry arjan, but this specimen would probably dominate like the northern lights used to if entered. the taste is exactly like the smell- kush times pine cones:)

this is the middle 1/3 of the space

this is the right 1/3 of the room

here are the same og kush 4 weeks later. this is the left 1/3 of the room

the closet ( pictured below) is cooled by a 100 dollar danby "window banger" air conditioner, which sits on the floor next to the closet on a styrofaom sheet,via a fitted 4 inch duct which enters at the lowest point in the grow room. hot air is sucked out of the highest point in the doorway (pictured above). temp is at a constant 40% humidity and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. optimal conditions for a perfect grow. with my advice the intake was dropped to the floor and duct shortened as much as possible to maximise vortex air flow and electricity used by the ac.

this is the other half of the walk-in closet.this these ladies were a bit shorter on average so they are getting 3 consecutive days of light instead of 12hr shifts from their lamp before flowering to give em an extra boost. the feeding program is my o.g. (original grower) advanced nutrients program.

this is one half of of roughly a 4ft by 8 ft walk-in closet. and in it is L.A.'s finest: the o.g. kush. the plants are two weeks old, illuminated by 2 600w digital hps chrome dome bulbs(90,000 initial lumen's!) and ready to be flipped into flowering. the grower took his time veging by leaving only one light on at a time for 12 hrs with the bulbs 5 feet away. when you allow plants more then enough time and everything they need in it, it truly shows in their health and vigour. these ladies were picture perfect. master secret- always take your time!!! haste makes for waste!!!!

this producer is seconding as a veg/mother room. from left to right- great white shark, the middle prop tray is vegging chronic, green giant and white widow, white widow and finally the infamous island sweet skunk. every row (3 plants deep) can easily produce 50 cuttings a week without c02. so the whole box with all rows filled can easily produce 300 a week . on average a rooted clone in a 3 inch cube can go for 10-20 bucks in the medical community. i'll bet with gas and a full box, 500 cuttings can be taken a week. i'll let you do the math. mothers are so strong and recover so fast in hydroponic systems!!! to save energy this box runs the hps for 12 hours and the 200 watt sunblaster compact fluorescent, form future harvest development, the other 12 hours.

hydroponic white diesel from sensi seeds on the left and cali's legendary purple kush on the right

more pk

hydroponic purple kush under 600w bulbs

with hydroponics and co2 it isnt uncommon to see fully dense flowers after 2 weeks of flowering

notice if you can how strong and dense these secondary branches are

this 4 by 8 foot table is packed with branches stretching to the light. the key to great yields is maximising every square milimeter of your grow space.

these green cracks are just 17 days into flower

this last shelf is days away from boxing and distribution

this is the room next door. the left shelf is incubating, the right one is rooting

here are more moms, cuttings will be taken in 2-3 days

ther are purple kush, a-k, renne and sweet skunk in this classic bc mother room

here stand 3 white widow, 2 green giant and 4 chronic mothers, and 1 old school sweet skunk

just one ikea shelf and 6 1 ft t-5 sunblasters can easily manage up t0 12 prop trays and any stage of germinating seeds, rooting clones, vegging clones and seedlings . pictured here is (from bottom to top) "oasis" seeds sprouting,afgahn/kush clones rooting, "chronic" clones veging at 10 days, "green giant" clones at 20 days, an empty area and finally some great white shark seeds on the left and island sweet skunks on the right. this tiny set up can easily ensure the grower a constant and consistent flow of medical grade marijuana strains and control over culling out any weaker specimens effectively and dramatically increasing yield and quality!!!

this retail outlet offers discounts and deals to any card holders

trimeters are an invaluable tool when growing medical grade cannabis

green giants, great white sharks, Hawaiians and white russians

8 1000 infinity digital ballasts. their lightweight, no noise, 60 sec firing time and extreme brightness makes electric ballasts the wave of the future

always use digital co2 regulators for optimal yields

a perfect 'green giant' clone, just waiting to be transplanted

pk harvest day

pk 1 week into flower

coco peat i find is superior to traditional peat pucks, and earth friendly

the same 1 ounce nug on harvest day

day 42 pk

day 28 pk

this pk nug weighed an ounce

more pk

numerous friends and associates(marc emery included) said that this batch of the legendary purple kush was some of the finest medicine they'd ever smoked. this plant alone weighed 6 ounces.

this was the biggest plant in the garden. always take the biggest plant and multiply its weight times the number of plants and that will give you a realistic yield potential to shoot for next time.

same basket a week later

double click this photo to get a better look at how strong and thick the microscopic root hairs are

2nd week of flowering, it was half the size a week earlier

the roots have quadrupled in mass in just 7 days

this is another photo taken 1 week into flowering

after 1 week of veg and one week of flowering this root mass is well on its way. the red colour was caused by advanced nutrients bud blood.

this is the same basket only 7 days later

above: 7 weeks later and 2lb is ready to be harvested and replanted. 7 crops a year . 14 lb/2000w/year with time to take a vacation as well.

above: 50 legends ultimate indicas work well at 4 by 8 table under 2 1000w hps

mothers from left to right-white widow,green giant,northern lights #5, Hawaiian indica,afghooey and chronic

hydrogen peroxide can triple and quadruple root mass

white widow

white widow

white widow

white widow

white widow

at 6 weeks, this white widow nug and its leaves are coated with tall standing trichomes, 3 more weeks until they fully swell and achieve a truly unique bouquet

these white widows vegged too long so they grew into the glass, at that intensity colas can never truly ripen to there fullest potential

this monster hempstar bud grew too tall also, burning its leaves, stretching its colas and underdeveloping resin

the two plants front left are purple kush, the remaining plants are el nino. mixing strains in the boxes tend to effect yield negatively

plants with too much sativa cannot be given vegg time. the plants on the right had to be cut in half 3 times before they stoppd stretching. this is a waste of time, money and medicine. though some of this batch still netted some world class cannabis

roots should have the same colour as your nutrients solution and be thick and strong,

purple kush

this green crack actually has more purple then purple kush at harvest

this box has 9 purple kush and 9 green crack

here are some happy hawaiian and chronic bushes 3 days to flipping the lights to 12/12

the tallest plant in the garden, back left, is a green giant, a superior clone ive grown for the last 4 years. its thick branches and leaves, vigorous growth and monster colas(even on the side branches) and a resin content which rivals white widow make it a perfect specimen for medicine and cash croppers alike. its already twice the size of all the other plants!

chronic, hawaiian and afgooey

this was a medical system using popular commercial lighting methods in bc. i still recomend adjustawing or bell lr 1000 for medical setups for optimal use of light and space

this is purple kush 15 days to harvest(hydroponic)

this is more purple kush, 10 days to harvest

these roots covered 2 square feet with help from advanced nutrients and hydrogen peroxide

this foto was taken after 2 wks of flowering and 1 week of veg

hundreds if not thousands of medical cuttings can be rooted in a small location using shelving to maximize space

the grower in this medical grow in mission bc really neglected his garden resulting in powdery mildew which stunted growth which lowered yield and quality. never the less the system i created still netted some monster buds, they were just a fraction of their potential

gently twisting and bending stalks will easily double a plants size and strength

the one plant directly in front of the blue ox co2 generator should have wieghed over 225g, but neglect resulted in it being around 90g

these are all female seeds i bred in manitoba in the 90's their pedigree is haze, juicy fruit, white widow, hawaiian, northern lights and a strange plant grown for years outdoors in mb which provided the pollen

this grow was created by the grower on my design via phone and internet

this og kush took 8 weeks and netted almost 8 pounds from 6 600w digital lumatek ballasts, ajustawing reflectors and hrtilux bulbs 10 lb could have been create dif the cuttings were all equal in vigour when purchased

more og kush 14 days to harvest

this was an experimental sea of green hydroponic set up, legends ultamate indica was the variety, unfortunatly the plants were vegged more then 3 days and grew to tall to aloow any light to pentrate the canopy

veg babies under flourscents 2-4 weeks before harvest so they can be flowered immediatly in any set up you use

more purple kush 10 days to harvest