Thursday, February 19, 2009

bc northern lights producer- green crack

day 21 fower. the yellowing of leaves and stunted plants are do to accidental overwatering. mater secret- when using boxes, make sure that they are as level as possible.the floor here slopes back and left leaving the stonewool submeged in nute solution, stunting growth and ultimatly lowering harvest potential. or, just add less solution to the res to comenstae for slopes.
day 14 flowering. master secret- by this time some plants are noticeably shorter. place the tallest plants around the outside and thos shorter plants in the middle to allow for more even lighting for heavier crops.

day 7 flowering. all four t5 sunblasters are turned on. check the other posts for week 2 formula. master secret-a weekly spray (always with the all lighting off) of 30ml hydrogen peroxide (35%) and 20ml isopropyl alcoohol (99%) per litre of fresh water to prevent and/or treeat fungi and pests. these issues are best prevented if not treated when plants are at their youngest and so smallest. the larger the plant, the harder the problem.

week 1 flower-these pk clones were so strong and vigorous they only needed 4 days of vegitative growth. notice how all smaller plants are placed in the middle and the tallest around the perimeter. this will allow even light distribution for the rest of the cycle.

week 1 flower- refer to other posts for recipe- master secret- shock plants with 24-36 hours darkness after res change to increase yield and hasten flowering time.

day 1- this is a brand new model of the producer from bc northern lights. these pk's have just rooted through the 3 inch rockwools and will spend 7 days growing before forced to flower. notice the intake fan is lowered and i've added 2 more t5 sunblasters.

week 1 veg in 65l (15 gallons)

grow 225ml
micro 150ml
bloom 75ml
cannbolic stacker 1.5g
hyox 100ml
co2 0
ph 5.5-5.8
ppm 1000-1200