Monday, December 20, 2010

med-mans MGM Genetics

med grade marijauna genetics:

med-mans head band - a very special sfv og kush x the original sour diesel. 3 phenos, all amazing: 60-77 days subject to grower, conditions and phenotype.

pain killer -(conkushion x og kush). powerfull, the name speaks for itself. 60-70 days.

purple pain killer - (conkushion x purple kush). the afghani in the pk mom brings color, stoutness and vigour to the cross. 65-70 days.

west coast sour diesel -(my sour d mom x conkushion). one of the strongest smelling strains today. sour smell will penetrate concrete. look for diesel fuel smelling plants in vegetative growth to know which is the definitive keeper plant.

lime kush - (sour bubble x x18). the x18 adds vigour and girth to the slower smaller and very stinky sour bubble. the perfect hybrid. very potent. sour bubble is accepted to be stronger then og kush. 40-50 days.

conkushion - (og kush x afghani). the best for migraines especially for post concussion syndrome. this plant can be smoked all day with increased effect. zero immunity. 45-65 days. the longer the better but can be taken earlier for a more up beat effect.

med-mans master kush - (elite master kush clone x conkushion). look for the biggest fastest growers with the piney smell for the definitive phenotype. 45-65 days.

insomnia - (mazar i sherif x med-mans headband) - the mazar brings a lights out effect to the strength of the headband.

jack tripper - (karma jack x conkushion) - the jack herer adds so much to the cross. smell, look, size and effect being the most prominent features, a perfect blend of 2 power houses old and new. 60-75 days.

jack band - (karmas jack x med mans headband) - two classics unite, a perfect blend of power and strength. very complimenting parents. 70-80 days.

sour jackle - (sour bubble x karmas jack). arguably two of the most potent kinds . the jack invigorates the smaller slower sour bubble. more then a couple keeper types, subject to the palate of the producer, 56-70 days