Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MFB's - medical film buckets

so it has been 10 years since i brought medical film table to the world. one of the cleanest, cheapest, most efficient, user friendly, high yielding and quality producing systems ever designed (when used with the med-man method that is). with that being said, its time to unveil my medical film buckets. they have been on my mind a while now, and the awesome guys at bc northern lights turned me on to a high quality plastic fabricator.

i have 13 prototypes buckets, and am building this room as a research and development facility. in standard fashion, the build, the nutes, the genetics, the system and enviroment/technique will all be med-man brand. a never done before achievement by any company in this industry. i welcome you all to join me on this journey in real time as i build and grow. i will also have a couple other krusty buckets in the room to compare my new buckets to his. 

benefits if medical film buckets : 1 upfront cost, no mediums to wash/buy/transport/dispose of, only roots for the compost to discard, all that are needed is 3 inch baskets and 3 inch rockwool cubes (med-man method). plus some minor plumbing supplies subject to how you run you grows. and thats it. they can be used like any other bucket system, 1 plant per square foot or less, big trees especially is what i will be doing, enjoy...
vapor barrier and track for studs

the res will sit beneath the sub floor
i took all the cuts needed for the grow. il have 4 weeks with preveg to finish the room. med-man method : take at least 4x as many cuts as need in the production room.

frame is done

sub floor finished

sub floor finished

reinforcement blocks 

reinforcement blocks 
drainage tube running under the floor to the res. capped for action

2 x 6 inch intake out take just in case

the trap door to access the res and all its workings

drainage holes for the buckets

insulated intake duct

insulated intake duct

some 120v wire for plugs

this will be the layout

10 buckets 11 lights