Thursday, July 1, 2010

med-mans hand selected medical grade marijuana genetics

my mgm genetics are available to anyone with a health canada or doctors approval that cannabis is the best remedy

- 75% indica 25% sativa
- amazing blue cheese odor and taste
- flowering time 7-9 weeks subject to grower
- great for anxiety, depression, stress, stopping the internal dialogue, sleeping and munchies.
- old scool bc clone, unique to europe or u.s.

-75%sativa 25% indica
- amazing dank trepenpine/citrus smell and taste
-flowering 10-14 weeks subject to grower
-strong, vigorus and high yielding
-effect if powerful, prolonged and very energetic(makes kush smokers apprehensive lol)
-no one in canada has this cut
- bug and mold resistant, easy to grow and clone, big stretch so flower smaller then bigger

- 60% sativa 40% indica
- sharp lemon pine sol odor from the haze with a bit of spice
- flowring time 8-10 weeks better 10 the 8
- very energetic, racey and cerebral with a strong equal head to body feeling. very long lasting and should be smoked when there is nothing to do.
- a jack herer line from 1995, inbred with a newer jack line to make 1 of the most respected jh clones available
- dr clone got this 1 from me :-)

- 100% c. afghanica (kush)
- super sour diesel fuel odor and taste. charcoal filters cant mask this one. smells like fuel even vegitating
- flowering time 65 days
- very strong head and body. known to induce states of heightened awareness. very strong body stone and head high. long lasting with not much burn out. recommended for evenings and weekends.
- i was lucky enough to get this clone from a friend whom kept 1 alive from a very special crop of bagseed buds.
- one of my personal all time faves

- 100% c afghanica
- lemon/pine/fuel/kush smell and taste
- flowering time 65 days
- best pain killer ever. this stuff is strong. not for novices. long lasting effect
- a gift from the langley medical community
- maybe the most potent pot right now, more then the wesy coast sour diesel

- 50% purple afghan 50% kush 100% c afghanica
- beautiful fuel/skunk/kush/fruit smell and taste
- flowering time 65 days
- pain killer, but very energetic. all body, very long lasting. an ms/mr fave.
- the clone i received from dr clone for the kj
- some of the worlds most in demand medicine

- 80% afghanica 20% sativa
- super skunk x diesel fuel smell and taste
- flowering time 65 days
- great for schizophrenia, energy, then sleepy and munchies. all around goodness

med-mans own "BUBBLE HAZE"
- 75% haze 25% indica
- bubblicious bubble gum/lemon pledge/haze smell. dry bubble gum haze taste. clones smell like bubble gum
- flowering time 8-10 weeks. 10 being better
- this may be one of the strongest day time smokes around. very functional, but very stoned too. no raciness like other hazes/sativas good for any ailment. and awestrucks kush smokers.
- found in a nug of my test crops
- easy to grow, yields huge, beautiful bouquet

- 85% kush 15% sativa
- coffee/fuel/skunk/kush smell, dry coffee kush taste when grown properly
- flowering time 65 days, may ripen sooner under optimal conditions
- everything you need from a kush plant from pain to rest
- another clone gifted from the sour diesel guy
- fast vegger, big yield, easy to grow, very dense

- og kush hybrid
- sweet fuel/lemon berry/ kush smell and taste
- flowering time 65 days
- the power of og kush with subtle differences in power and strength more cerebral then ogk
- a gem found in a 10 pack of seeds from a bc 

med-mans HEADBAND
- 75% afghanica 25% sativa
- sour diesel/lemon kush
- flowering 65-75 days
- some of the world finest medicine from 2 top notch strains sour diesel and og kush. from pain to spasms this is the one.


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