Monday, August 16, 2010

medical license success!!!!!!!!!!!!

medical license success!!!!!!!

though medicine and such are usually confidential, after reading and posting in a recent article, ive decided to take the bull by the horns and back my posts and create a resource for canadians whom are entitled by law access to marijuana for medical purposes.

this info was provided care of The Kind Canna Collective: truthfulness compassion tolerance

to contact this non-profit society(landlords, lisencees, growers, patients etc) you can reach
the med-man at:

this post is not for the manipulation of system, but of ourselves to a system for our health and benefit as a whole.

i hope that this does not break any rules or guidelines in ic mag, because i will just describe my situation, and be open to comments and or question pertaining to the topics of topics in canada.

1- research the web or anywhere for info on how marijuana helps you and your ailments.keep a record of the origin of the strain that helps you most, and why. keep a journal of your use and how it compares to the study refernce material.

2- avoid eating anything artificial:aspartame, gmo foods, flouride, colors, msg, non "organic", processed, flavours etc etc read the goddam labels people

3- start a form of meditation. i recommend falun gong aka falun dafa. but anything will do. keep a medical journal of how it helps you mind, body and soul. anything will do from tai chi to seated stillness.

4- eat only the rawest most natural("organic") forms of food. the closer to the sun in the food chain the better. avoid any corporate meats, especially chicken. do your best. if you realy are sick, you will want to feel better, no?

5- find out the best way to take the cannabis that helps you the most:vapor and eating are prefered to doctors, smoking, butter, budder whatever. keep a record in your personal med Journal.

6- most doctors believe they know all there is to know about the universe and peoples biology(post secondary indoctrination), except cannabis. they are told its harmfull, addictive and just evil. this is where your own research, studies and proof come into play

7- read "the medical mafia"
take all your photocopies, research material, your journal and a balls out attitude to your doctor. make sure to have alll of your mmap forms filled out by you minus their own signature.

8- face your doctor with confidence, will, intent and determination, like you are talking to achild, because this is their knowledge about this ancient medicine. tell them about and show them your documentation on centering your diet, mind body and soul with meditation, and show the proof and studies of your own and scientists on how your particular starin suits your needs, quoting from your journal. DO NOT FLINCH IN YOUR CONVICTIONS.

9- explain that this starin, coupled with all your other life changes are your equation for well being, abd that you want control over the medicine you take by growing it yourself, and that as a canadian you have a human right to this ancient form of naturalk remedy. which will also help in your mind body soul meditation routines. give them the papers and tell them to sign,. that you are healing holistically and need holistic medicine, and reject any synthetic treatments. give them the papers and TELL them to sign. if they wont, you have a human right to a referal to a doctor whom they have to find for you to sign them. if they refuse, you have to tell them you will be forced to take them to the human rights commision courts for breaching your canadian right to marijuana as medicine.

10- with confidence and knowledge on your side, there wont be much more the doctor can do but sign or give you a referal to someone they will.

this is a very vague description of my personal experience. if you give the doctor power over you by asking what they think, you will be rejected, becuase bringing hearsay to a doctor with no proof of it is bogus in the scientific world. doctors perceive pot as stated earlier, so telling them its this wonder drug that cures you alone will not fly. be smart, you are human, take care of business. doctors are just humans with a title. just like anyone else. know your body, take steps to knowing it more, they cannot argue with science and your case studies. THEY CANNOT REFUSE YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING IN A HOLISTIC MANNER. D



  1. Im going to be following your feeding schedule coming up as you have it set up throughout the weeks. My question is, based off your schedule, how many times a week are you actually feeding the plants?

  2. in hydro the res is changed every 7 days. in dirt plants are fed as needed, peace, mm