Thursday, January 13, 2011

the kind canna collective - med grow make over

although the plants are doing their thing during the dark, and the leaves are not in use and drooping, they did suffer a lil bit of under feeding coupled with over watering......
another bud shot of how advanced they are in such a short period.......
dark green dense and stocky........
these are 2 weeks and look like 3 weeks already because of the 36 hours of shock flowering....
so 2 weeks into bloom and 2/3 of evey branch is removed to dispose of popcorn and increase air flow and light penetration and make parasites lives harder to get established....
this is the check valve on the return pump.. to prevent any water returning into the return rez.....
i always cover all my containers for many reasons. they make the room look/feel cleaner, they reflect usable light to the plants, keep root zone cooler. all that with some plastic........
in the rez is the circulation hose that sucks nutrient solution form the bottom right of the rez (pictured below) and sends it back to the furthest most far corner of the raz to get amazing mixing/aeration......the 2 inch tube is the return from the second half of the brain which sits in the middle of the room pictured before.....the thrid line is water source, which mixes rain water and ro water 50/50.......
then the pump timer rely which turns on the feed and turns off the drain and vice versa respectfully. i simple digital timer controls the pump relay in the ballast box.....
here is half of the brain of the system. there is a feed line, and a siphon and a flow valve for the solution
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness)- this shock period aids transplant recovery, activates hormones and the plants immune sytem. what a way to start the race, all by freely unplugging the timer.
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness)- the yellow is a sign of extreme growth. and always a welcomed one at that......
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness)- the system was designed so the plants acclimate to the room, not the other way around. this provides even structure and enjoyable enviroment for the grower and the growing lol.........
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness)- this is the biggest, wow this one is gona pack it on.....
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness); check out the aura on this one. she really was glowing in the dark, big time......
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness)- the shock actaully also allows a hasty recovery from the moving 36 hours before. look at the difference
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness)- the leaves stretch for the light big time
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness)- the treatment also gives the plants 3 days worth of flowering hormone to shock them into bloom
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness)- during the shock, plants stretch inches
shock flowering (36 hours of darkness)- had a lil leak, il shim her up 1/2 inch asap
day 1 flower: an aisle shot. compare it to the last crop, hard to believe. no drippers , floods and cloggs. now the plants will spend the next 36 hours in darkness for reasons explained in the next segment........
day 1 flower: the biggest plant in the room, too big to fit the pic lol
day 1 flower: dark green and lush foliage make for optimal specimens
day 1 flower: this lovely lady is the definitve size for flippng into bloom phase
day 1 flower: this one looked the worst, plants dont like being moved from the comfort of the veg room
day 1 flower: plants just got brought in, and look a lil shook up
hes a lights out pic of the bunch a day before transplanting
these are the prevegged west coast sour diesel plants, half the size of the plants used before
there is a pump in the unit to make sure water level gos down to within an inch of the floor, and keeps the bin from overflowing as well......
this is the brain of the system. i regulates the ebb and flow of the feeding cycles. the pump outside hauls most of the water once the buckets flood.......
the whole room with new plumbing
this is 2 rows, wow what a difference eh? so clean and symetrical
this is all the new plumbing
i made them buy a dehu twice the size of their last one. my plants eat a ton, and transpire it all out at night. grow tip: plants suffering from too high relative humidity% dont smell, lack resin and are really dark green with alot of red hair......

this is the new lighting deign with matching pot spacing
this is the old inefficient lighting scheme
good riddens!
the other half
this is the old grid stripped of buckest and drippers
big flimsy plants are a waste of space, alll be it i double the clients return with weight and quality combined, my goal is tripling it, and lowering operating costs to boot.
this a better shot. the plants were too tall when they came into the room to bloom.
this gent is 6-6 330 pounds, this is the average size of the plants when i took over his system
after dealing with drippers, clogging, floods, droughts and all the other bs ive opted to convert the room to the some med-man method.
so this is the history of the room:

-averaged .75 pounds per kilowatt for the last year in 15 gallon pots whith a quality of 6 out of 10 on the qaulity scale.

- the patient upgaded to hydro and got 27 pounds 0f 7.5 outa 10 quality from 1 grow then called me. in one crop i got 46 pounds of 8.5 outa 10 quality. we should get 80 pounds from 40 lights

-im not into this system, and the maintenance and variables cost labor, quality and medicine. my objectives are to lower maintenance, decrease labor and increase yield and quality. these are my staple traits as a grower/helper.....


  1. So the feed pump takes water from the res and sends it to the brain via 2" pvc and it goes through the return pump before it makes it's way to the brain and then the timer trips a relay which turns the feed pump off thus turning the return pump on and then it goes through the same 2" pvc back though the feed pump to the res?!!Sick!!

  2. well, its actually a different 2 inch pipe and pump for the flood/drain, mm

  3. In your latest pics the plants are so big and healthy i can't see 2 pipes.

    So you have 1 for the flood and 1 for the drain,both pumps being the same model?

    How many minutes are your flooding/draining right now?

    Sorry for all the questions but i have never seen a DIY ebb and flow just C.A.P. systems.

  4. Its really fantastic Blog. When you want the best grow lights, LED Grow Lights are your best option. Custom order your LED grow lights specific to your plants needs and grow environment.

  5. check out the pics of the rez and the pics in the beginning of the blog. both have a pump on the floor next to them with a 2 inch feed/drain line respectfully,

    it takes 3 minutes to flood and about 3 minutes to fully drain, mm

  6. Ok i see.

    So you start a new cycle every 6 minutes.

    But what happens when the res goes down from the plants drinking and it takes less time per cycle then it did hours before and as a result your pumps are just sucking air until the timer changes the cycle?

    Or do you have an over sized res?

  7. lol,

    im dialing the room as we speak. the plants get feed every 2 hours and once at 6 hours of dark half way thru the night period.

    i believe it may be too much water, and most likely tomorow change the timer from 2 hours to 3 hour regimen. and no more night feeds. but i will be choking the drain pressure so they get more wet time.

    there is a 400 us gallon rerz outside the room. then a 15 gallon drain rez in the room to return the solution. things happen slowly i find in flood buckets. like over or under feeding is easy to spot and easier to fix. nft and aero can take a little more adjusting

  8. just wondering how you got into growing marijuana legally?

  9. Hi !
    Nice infos !
    Just 1 little info (between strains lovers) 1 collectif-MED (in europe) work since 1989 for USE MED and totaly FREE, not commercial home. The Breeder responsible creat the genetics since 1981. Old Farmer !
    - generic site:
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    Good continuation has you !
    Respekt for ALL Use Med !

  10. Very impressive set-up. It reminds me of the undercurrent system that is becoming so popular, but without the stresses associated with DWC.I am also a registered MMAR grower, are your services as a consultant for a room maker-over for hire?

    Either way keep up the good work.

  11. as long as you can prove that you are authorized by health canada then yes, mm

  12. No problem, I've got my card. Do you have a email address that I can reach you on?

  13., mm