Monday, December 12, 2011

med-man brand

Now available an ebay!

i am proud to announce the launch of  my own home made fertilizers and additives, all for 1/4 the price of all competitor products: please remember, all my nutes and additives are raw form powders. vigorous mixing and dissolving in water by hand i a smaller container or blender before adding to reservoir or mister is optimal.

cannaminos - the most cannabis specific amino acids to be added to any recipe. builds bigger plants, more nutrient uptake, aids immune system, bigger more resinous buds. only med-man offers this product which is 100% organic, earth friendly and made exactly for our medicine.

cannabolic stacker - steroids for cannabis. all natural. bigger, faster growing plants with more resistance to disease and stress. increase seed germination, clone success and rooting times, thicker stalks and leafs, bigger buds and yields, more resin and overall odor and will usually take at least 7 days of any of your prefered strains subject to facilty. for use in all stages of plant life.
directions - 0.1g liter foliar every even week until buds form
                  0.1g gallon res feed every odd week from clone/seed soak to harvest

kind cal - pure powdered calcium supplement. infused with iron, nitrogen and magnesium. for super green, lush plants with a strong immune system.  always remember, cannabis needs on average 4 times more calcium then phosphorus, especially in veg.

kind bud - bloom - the most cannabis specific bloom booster on the planet. contains natural, organic and chemical salts. the for the biggest most resinous buds of medicinal grade. out yields big bud from advanced nutrients.
directions - week 1 bloom - 0.125g / liter
                  week 2 bloom - 0.25g / liter
                  week 3,4,5 (or longer) 0.5g / liter

kind bud - swell -the most cannabis specific bud ripener on the planet. contains natural, organic, and chemical additives for the best bud finish. packs on girth, mass and resin in the last 2 weeks before flushing. side by side tests prove kind bud swell beat out advanced nutrients "overdrive" and green planet wholesale "finisher".
directions - 2 weeks to flush - 0.5 g / liter
                  1 week to flush - use base nutrient at 1/2 strength. add other half ppm with kind swell.

sugar coat - same thing as carboload and carboboost, for 1/4 the price
directions - 0.25g / liter
                  1g / gallon

organic sugar coat - for the earth conscious grower. superior to regular sugar coat, a sweeter smell and taste is achieved because its organic. you support farmers trying to make a difference as well.

directions - 0.25g / liter
                  1g / gallon

kind base - this is a one part fertilizer that has all you need from clone to harvest. the most cannabis specifc formula available. made for use with all my other additives and boosters. contains 88 essential elements and minerals for peak performance in your plants.

other branches of the med-man brand:

medicinal grade marijuana genetics (mgm genetics) - the only seeds grown by a breeder with ailment specific traits. by patients for patients


  1. Props to u med-man, i was wondering if u ship ur ferts to california and if u can email ur catalog with prices.heres my email

  2. Congrats that's super awesome to hear that someone is trying to help other less expirienced growers. I also was wondering how and where I can by em I kive in seattle. Email

  3. My dear med man how can i get my dirty little hands on these superior products. Ive used a producer for a number of different setups. i also incorporate med mans techniques into my own program. Please send me pricing info i dont know jeeez how about a catalog... Jah Love from bloomersky

  4. hey guys, med-man is working on alot of projects right now.

    at the moment i ship world wide, deliver locally and am working on a distribution deal with a couple of big firms.

    i dont want to be unprofessional, but i am not in a rush to corporatize my hand made, high powered products.

    let me work on catalogues and flyers. i just finallky got business cards mad this year lol, mm

  5. my email is

    i can answer all questions promptly there, thx, mm

  6. I read your artical in HT about your(mgm genetics) and woud love to get my hands on any of your strains, painkiller especialy please let me know if i can order me some of that genetic goodness e-mail me back please and give me the 411 on it. -Drew

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