Sunday, June 9, 2013

shocking breaking news

breaking news: june 8 2013

med-man : multiple spinal cord and brain injury sufferer and legal medical marijauana licensee was unlawfully beaten and dehumanized by the over zealous st pierre joly, manitoba rcmp. the perpetrators are Constable R.D. Metzler and Constable S. Manaigre 56166

- stopped
- detained
- beaten
- charged with possession/trafficking of controlled substance (medical marijuana)
- resisting arrest
- proceeds of crime

this is an outrage, and the peace officers and their superiors will be held accountable for their treatment of a severely injured person, whom also directs a non-profit society "med-man brand" helping others with cancer, chronic pain and other ailments to alleviate naturally

if anyone has or knows anyone in the media, please dont hesitate to contact me

to be continued


- Anti-pot actions widespread
Your June 10 story Arrested for legal pot, man claims is really just the tip of the iceberg. As a medical marijuana licensee myself and a retired Winnipeg police staff sergeant, I know that such actions by the police, where citizens produce evidence of lawful possession, then are handcuffed, detained and their product seized, is tantamount to unlawful arrest and seizure.
The smell of marijuana coming from a car is not sufficient grounds to arrest and search, whether the subject is licensed or not. But the oppressive and apparently violent arrest of a licensed medical-marijuana user because the officers are not familiar with medical-marijuana laws is outright nonsense.
Ignorance of any law is no excuse from a citizen. Why should we let police officers get away with this kind of attack?
I have seen and heard of this many times before with people in possession of a small amounts of drugs, legal or illegal, because our drug warriors in policing seem to get confused about what is really important and what is even a crime.
It is time to legalize drugs, take them off the streets away from children, and stop the violence by organized crime and the police in our communities.
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  1. What's happened since then? Any news?

  2. Actually med-man didn't give the whole side of the story. I was sympathetic until I read the cops version of the story. Med-man had 20 bags of mj in his car and $700 in cash. His license states that he is alowed to grow for his personal use! Period. If he thinks the law should be changed then go about it in the right way. Don't just igmnore it and then ask for sympathy. Why would you need to drive around with 20 bags for your personal use? He was obviously selling and distributing. The law doesn't allow that. He got caught with his pants down and now wants to complain about it. Guys like med-man are ruining it for the rest of the med. community by not following the law that allows us to grow. The law has given us the opportunity to grow for ourselves. Come on med-man, don't make us look bad.

  3. Joe joe joe, lets hope you or anyone in your family never gets into a situation where people can judge you without facts the way you just did!
    I have over 700 in my pocket now and half of alberta makes that a day and most of those prob have medicine on hand as well are we all traf, , fing. accourding to you i guess we are! Those 20 bags where 2oz bags not big bags. depending on ones condition could be a bag a week and ones supply of medicine till there next harvest, how do you know he wasnt taking his within limit supply to the comfort of.his home. Licences are givin out and to be respected. not only by the licence holder but the law as well. the rcmp didnt respect the law in his case and made assumptions just like how you did. med man gives information,genetics and respect from the top shelf. NO ONE does and helps like he does FOR NO PROFIT! anything i have ever asked he answered, so thank you med man your not ruining it for the rest of us your giving us a ladder to get to that top shelf

    peace from the east

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