Thursday, December 31, 2009

led and standard fully loaded producers

this is the led box. its got 1 road kill kush, 3 conkushions, 6 og kushes, 4 bubbas and 4 purple kushes.

ive cut each clone to 6 branches by pruning off the tops

day 1 flower- week 1 - 35 litre - ph 5.6 - 1050 ppm
275 ml mother earth tea
175 ml organic b
17.5 g bud blood
60 ml 35% h202

so this pro with hps has 1 road kill kush, 2 purple kush,6 og kush, 6 conkushions and 3 awesome bubba kushes.

welcome to the latest in the worlds most advanced grow cabs

these come fully equipped with an lcd touch screen which controls and reads co2, ph, ppm, temp for air and res.

one has 2 ufo led panels and the other is standard hps, lets see how well leds do.

i will also be doing my first kushie kush and organic hydro grow. all nutes provided by the most generous people @ adavanced nutrients via bc northern lights.

for the kuskie kush im supplying og kush, conkushion, road kill kush, purple kush and an amazing bubba kush ive been working with


  1. you are my hero! haha hope all is well man. I just ordered a combo package from BCNL and awaiting its arrival. It was a no brainer after following your blogs. I am brand new to hyrdro and I have a few basic ?s for you.

    1) when you add the hydrogen peroxide and iso alcohol are you adding it to the res tank and/or spraying the plants

    2) when you have a sative, sativa/indica hybrid is their a certain height (ex 3-6 inches) before you place them into flowering?

    Sorry for the dumb questions, Im just hoping to get the kind of bud you have been growing. Take care and thanks!

  2. hey mam, never add iso to res, only sprays.

    add h202 to res every 2-3 days, dilute 6:1 with water before adding, mm

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  4. sorry folks. this one was a tester, and in the end turned out not picture worthy. organic hydro and kushie kush worked awesome, so did led's, but there was some needed troubleshooting done and it cost the grow in the process. i got maybe 1 plant from each box that made it through and both are amazing. i sour d and 1 og kush, mm

  5. i recommend kushie kush for any kush lovers, it is like "big bud" but for kush, mm

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  10. can u guys write me in english? would love to hear what you have to say ), mm

  11. the trouble shooting your talking that with the new boxes themselves?

    Did you encounter alot of light leaks from these?

  12. light leaks were not the issue, just a comparison between lights being used, and lcd vs standard control centres, peace, mm

  13. Much appreciation on the quick response. You've truely mastered these BCNL boxes and I know alot of people in the med community are looking at your blogs as the go to source of info...

    Im going to be following your feeding schedule. For the respected week how many times are you actually feeding the plants during the flowering phase?

  14. add freshwater for 24 hours, then top up what they drank and add nutes to desired ppm, peace, mm

  15. I appreciate all your help and support. I have three final questions for you..

    1)What are you looking for with the plants when you know there are ready for the shock ripen? Are you looking at the color of the pistil? trichome colors?

    2)what do you think about bud blood as opposed to big bud?

    3)What do you think about 36 hours of darkness just before flipping to the flower stage?

    I cant tell you how much I appreciate all the help you provided both me and others in the med community. My brother was diagnosed with cancer last year, so I decided Id grow for us rather than get who knows what from others...I just want to make sure im out the gates running with this.

    Thanks again

  16. 1- to be honest i just know when. once all hairs brown, the flowers swell for a couple days, once swelling stops i shock ripen.

    2- only use bug blood in week 1 and maybe 2 if you want. always use big bud fro week 2 or 3 to harvest if not using overdrive

    3- i always shock flower with 36 hours of dark to establish bloom phase.

    good luck, peace, mm