Saturday, July 25, 2009

medicine man bc medical marijuana grow op

i call this type of set up "the feng shui: zen garden", my other medical hydro system (posted under medical grow rooms post) is called the feng shui:waterfall garden". the room is roughly 20 feet by 20 feet. each bucket gets about 18 inches of space. a central air conditioner sits outside with the fan and cooler in the room on the cieling. a 8 burner co2 generator will also be utilized. the room will be fully enclosed in my popularised "perfect broom" whom "master growers" and shop owners still tell me plants will die without intake out take fans. little do they know who they are trying to reason with. each bucket recieves a 1/4 inch spegehtti tube connected to a hole in the basket and a 1/2 inch Mainline from the nutient resovoir. at the base of the basket there is a 3/4 inch thruhull fitting connected to a 3/4 inch low pressure hose drain back to the nutients resovoir. this allows each bucket to maintain a 1 inch mini res in each bucket, in case of power or pump failure, the plants will stay alive at least 24-48 hours before dieing, unlike nft which if there is a failure , plants can parish in hours. stay tuned for more of my own mm grow op.

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