Monday, August 13, 2012

canadas kindest bud 2012

med-man brand upset dna genetics and 120 other entrees at the growers pride competition in toronto at the 2012 treating yourself expo.

med-mans headband took 1st over all. my rockstar kush came in 3rd the last day. my other 2 kinda came in 5th and 6th i believe. all 4 averaging 19.1% thc. this bud 2was grown in mft's with my bloom boosters and cannabolic stacker. the record also shows that canadas bud averages 13% thc. so my strains, nutes and methods gain 50% more potency against the national average.


  1. Picked up some headband at a dispencery.
    Best smoke I have had in awhile.
    Thanks MM

  2. shes great for daytime especially, thanks, mm