Monday, August 13, 2012

med-man brand medical film troughs

find a spot for a room, in this case a garage
frame in a room and add a door
make sure to be secured by tieing into an existing wall
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board the walls with your preferred material
paint/seal the walls with flat white paint, make sure to triple coat
make a frame 4x8 to saw the holes in the root chamber lids
you need to use a 4 3/4' hole saw for the basket holes in the lids

i prefer using a drill with cord to saw wood with, more power
usually each lid will have 15 plant sites and 1 exhaust hole this case its 8

i seal the bottoms of the tables, OSB can gas off if it gets too hot
heres 100 babies, il only pic the best 32 for the mft room (med man method)
screw 2 x 6 frames to the bottom painted sheets

add a joint support where both 4x8 shhets meet (if longer then 8 foot mfts)
il be using a 3 fan swamp chiller and 12 600w adjustawings

i always use 3 screws for the table legs

table legs are all attached upside down for ease

flip tables and stand the up

make sure the bubble tops out for every slope

100 gallon growtek res

remember to saw drain holes in the root chamber

line the bed with vapor barrier

top tables with pre sawed lids. make sure all dust is cleaned
grab some bathroom caulk, clear looks cleanest 

i love using craft paper cutters to cut all the vapor barrier and reflctive poly
caulk a solid beed around each hole

use 2 fingers and a circular motion to spread the cualk from the hole  out 3-5 inches
once all holes are treated, over lay with poly and forcefully press  poly to  cualk

make sure theres no air between poly and cualk

a finished hole
cut out any poly covering the holes after 24 hours

flip lids and line with reflective material

cut a double cross with a razor blade/box cutter only cut 4 inches

get a drill and a 1/4 inch drill bit
screw 2 opposing holes in each basket

force each basket in their holes, the poly should be smaller then the basket

notice the tension in the poly, 
half done plumbing

make sure all fittings are snug
secure the pipe with cable staples, or any means you have that will work 

this is a hole puncher tool and the 1/4 inch pipe adapters
connect the half inch female to the magdrive pump,  

connect the half inch female to the magdrive pump,  then a ball/flow valve, then a T connector, run the pipe to elbows in between both rows, then run the yube the lenght of the table.

once secured, poke drip holes, add the 1/4 inch adapters, then drip tube  to the 1/4 inch holes predrilled in the baskests
make sure to leave at least an inch when cutting the double cross for the basket holes, to make sure the poly stretches and covers any exposed wood
make sure the water is draining properly. an x is cut in the vapor barrier then spread with a fist to make it a bit more circular

here is my latest build of mfts. they are 16 feet long, and will hold a total of 32 plants (16 for each length, 4 plants per 4x4 area.

you want to run 10 ml/liter of  hyox for 24 hours to clean and disinfect the res, plumbing and root chambers  d caption

day 1 planting

day 7 bubble haze

day 7 over all

day 7 root mass

day 7 chocolate og

day 7 roots

day 7 

day 7 - ladybug bubba

day 7 - med mans og

day 7 med mans head band #2

day 7 - maple ridge master kush

day 7- pure afghani

rks #1 day 7 

rks #2 and #3 (left) day 7

rks #4

day 7 rock star cheese aka silver rocks star skunk

day 7 - the rock star kush

day 7 - silver skunk bx1 

ultra violet day 7 
day 13 root shots

day 13

day 13

day 13

day 13

day 13 ultra violet

day 13 ultra violet

day 13 ultra violet

day 13 ultra violet

day 14 left side

day 14 right side

day 7 for one of the mfbs (rock star cheese)

day 14 - rks #4

day 14 bubble haze

day 14 choclate og

day 14 - rks #1

day 14 - pure afghani

day 14 - chocolate og #2

day 14 rks #2 left rks #3 right

day 14 silver skunk bx1 left rock star cheese #3 right

day 14

day 14

day 14 - maple ridge master kush

day 14 - lady bug bubba

day 14 - west coast sour diesel

day 14 - rock star kush

day 14 - super sour diesel

day 14 more lady bug bubba

day 14 more lady bug bubba

day 14 (just planted) the fern

day 14 - med-mans og

day 14 - lady bug bubba

day 7 for mfb - purple rock star kush

day 7 for mfbs - super sour diesel #1

day 14 med-mans og

day 14

day 14

day 14

day 7 for mfb - super sour diesel


  1. Hi,
    Stumbled across your blog after I was just lucky enough to be handed some of your beans to try! I am very much looking forward to it
    how can i get my hands on the stacker in the vancity area?


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