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a-k (afgahni/purple kush) with bcnorthern lights

these buds were extremely resinous, dense and purple( the very tops). they could have been chopped a week earlier. that's fast. remember to take 1-2 weeks off your schedule because plants ripen so rapidly in these cabinets.

drying- for these i hung them on these clothes hangers in a closet with the door 4 inches ajar with an oscillating fan in the room. after 4 days the nugs feel hard so i wrapped black plastic garbage bags around the hangers (buds) for 24 hrs. remove bags and they feel almost like the day they were chopped. let them dry again for 24 rs, then sweat for 24 hours, now, leave them out one last time then bad them. if they feel too dry that's good, because once sealed in bags or glass(recommended) for 48 hrs, they remain bone dry but soft to the touch. within a week of opening and closing your jars( medicating purposes) your herb should take on a more sweet, long lasting taste and better buzz the day you bag it i find. i've cured outdoor plants in cold temps for 6 months and every month their high and flavour expands and evolves.
harvest day- 50 days (could have been 40-45!), in this case the plants are cut at the base(main stock), hung or held and trimmed base to top, branch by branch, left in tact and hung on hanger for safe drying in a closet.

day 7 of flushing-shock ripening- fill res half way with ice and leave box in darkness for at least 3 days and as long as 7 days. maintain the res at 0 degress celcius (32 fernhiet) for the period of darkness you choose. (if you want a little sweeter taste and have the time, shock ripen 10-14 days after flushing) DO NOT ALLOW ANY LIGHT IN DURING SHOCK RIPINING!!! this will add resin to your buds like you've never seen before.

plants grew another 1/2 inch last week to 17 inches. this experiment shows that with pure indicas in these boxes, veg time is definitly needed. i will be growing some island sweet skunk soon without veg time to show how 50/50 indica/sativa or around this ratio need only be rooted before forcing into flower. although without veg time you can add up to a crop or two every year with 6-7 week strains. so it does balance out for dedicated year round growers. btw, double click this image to get an idea of how resinous these plants are at the end of week 6. they could easily be harvested commercialy if need be. i like to add an extra 10 days to gain that conniusseur, medical feel to the taste and high.

week 7- flushing- notice how ive removed all major fan leaves for the last 10 days. this serves these purposes- it shocks the plants so they produce more resin, it increases air flow to prevent mold or mildew, opens up the lower canopy to brighter light so they mature better and increase yield.

flushing- 65l res- freash water ph 5.5-5.8 adding 2-4l of fresh water to res every day( if needed do not over water) . co2 - strain dependant. leave at last weeks flow or increase by one as all weeks before.

indicas grow dense buds, strong branches, the tightest internodes and dark leaves. its rare to find an exception to the rule.

though roots are still growing, the last 2-3 weeks till harvest they show slower gains during ripening which is very normal

they grew another 1.5 inches last week to 16.5 inches. plants are starting to reek like a skunks ass due to their extreme resin production. this is the last week of nutients for these fast finishing ladies

week 6

bloom 225ml

micro, b-52, med-mans swell 15g

hyox 100ml

barricade 15 ml

co2 7

ppm 1200-1400

ph 5.5-5.8

roots are still massing up weekly

these pure indicas stop stretching after 2 weeks, leaving the next 5 weeks to get fat outwards not upwards, this week they stand at 15 inches.

week 5 feeding- micro,b-52. med-man's swell 15g, bloom 225ml, liquid carboload 75ml, hyox, 100ml, barricade 15ml, co2 flow 6 ph 5.5-5.8

roots are 3-4 times the size again in 7 days. all this in just 28 days

this week the average at day 21 is 14 inches, up 4 inches from last week

week 4 feeding is the same as last weeks, but the co2 is increased to flow 5

in 7 days the roots have quadrupled in size. at this size they are ready for liquid carboload.

this week they grew on average from 10 to 13.5 inches on average

week 3 - micro, b-52, med-man's bloom15g

bloom- 225 ml

grow, liquid carboload- 75 ml
barricade- 15ml

hyox- 100ml

co2- 03

ppm- 1300

ph 5.5-5.8

only 7 days in the baskets and this roots are busting. remember strong healthy roots equal strong healthy buds

plants grew an average of more then half an inch a day this week from 6 inches day 1 to 10 inches day 7

day 7 of flower this week they get 150ml of grow,micro,bloom,b-52,med-man's bloom, 100 ml of h2o2, 75 ml of liquid carboload, 15ml of barricade. set co2 to flow rate 3 ph 5.5-5.8

day 4 of flowering, add 2-4 4foot sunblasters, turn on the compact fluorescent 12/12 and the co2 flow to 2.

above: the average height of each plant is 6 inches(15cm)

left: roots can pop within 3 days, once they due plants resume growth above the medium.
below:day 1 of flowering

this afgahni kush is actually the legendary purple kush from cali's medical dispensaries back crossed to an afgahni. this plant is extremely vigorous, easy to root, is extremely stinky, grows fat buds, is very potent, supercropped or sog or scrog and can be cropped between 42-49 days. just remember one of its only downsides is fertilizer sensitivity. never let your ppm ever get over 1400ppm or 2 ec. try to keep ppm between 1200-1300 the whole cycle for optimal results.

advanced nutrients

first week- grow, micro, bloom, cannabolic stacker 1.5g

hydrogen peroxide 100ml

barricade 15ml

co2 (after 1st three days) flow rate 2

ppm 1000-1050 (depending on ppm of local water system)

ph 5.5-5.8

cfl and t5 lights on 12/12 (after 3 days)

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