Thursday, January 22, 2009

medical marijuana community

all the medical people i know go to advanced wholesale superstore to get their 15% medical marijuana discount on. say that medicine man sent you. they also have the best deals in town on equipment and accessories
this green giant is the same plant I'm holding pictured below. its a monster!!! thanks to the producer from bc northern lights. notice the lower branches from the t5 sunblasters!!!

green giant fresh out of a bc northernlights producer

white widow in a bc northern lights producer

bc northern lights is a bc based company and world leader in grow box technology, in this case medical grade cannabis(white widow) thanks arjan, the community commends you

hashish, an invaluable form of medical grade thc. both indica and sativa forms or hybrids, respectively, give a very "heady" high because highest grade forms of it contain no plant material leaving you "high" and not "stoned". it is also be a great aphrodisiac having a very social feel when smoked. highly functioning patients really prefer the benefits to "sheesh" because it leaves little odor when smoked or transported, is easily eaten or stored and very little is needed to achieve its desired effects. and remember: when your are sick and/or healing, i notice that sheesh is amazing for enhancing any type of meditative practice or energy healing or focused activity

white widow at day 21 in a bc northern lights producer

these nugs are afgahni/kush. short, fat, fast and potent make it a dream for commercial and connoisseurs alike

all questions, answers, insights, knowledge and comments are valued for the creation of cleaner, more potent and higher yielding medicine.


  1. any questions will be answered within 48 hours of posting

  2. i'm 100% disable american vetaran fron deasert storm 1990-1991 i fout in INF DIV in front lines of the war and after we stayed in the area.
    a mounth agoi was playing on the internet and i called the gulf hutline and asked them were any of us over there were exposed to any N.B.C gas because i leave withe musele aces and bones aces sins 1994 and on a ractole scale from 1 till 10 its constant 7.5 and the lady doled me the only gas deasert strm unites were exposed to is siran geas (nerve gas) so i looked it up on the net and gess what my unit from germany was in the hut zone when the emo buncker of the reapulican army was blone up (with out cheaking if it is safe first to blow it up)the siran gas flow to the air and over cover us like a blunckit.
    know i will tell u what this did to me sins then no balans,no short time memory that is because my brane coocked whill the gas cloudeflow over us (it lost 5% of the white matter)and instad it filled with wetter wich give me saveire headhackes.
    so the V.A has a solution for me it will give me camicals that will make me a zomby but it will take the pain away,but i have two butifull kids one 11 one 6 and i prefore togo throw paine then a zomby like to be with and see them graw up, know we come to u my freind how u can help me i found that M does not make me high but takes the pain away and that is what i need but u see till 2010 in the state of FL it is not leagel as medical M yet so i neet to goto other resorses like u i hop

    TY joe

    my E-mail is

  3. sorry it's

  4. not to make matters worse for you, but i would also be concerned about all the depleted uranium that the american(u.n) army used in their persian gulf terror attacks on civilians. i would recommend you start practicing Falun Dafa(falun gong) every morning to help balance and heal your mind, body and soul. ive used meditation and energy healing for 4-5 years with dramtic healing effects for my chronic headaches and back aches. intramuscular stimulation- developed by doctor gunn in vancouver- works miracles for all pain sufferers. i notice that with a natural diet, meditation, intramuscular stimulation and marijuana; ive managed to regain my ability to cope with my life changing injuries and face the world with less pain, a better outlook on life and a more balanced mind which means sooooo much when dealing with debilitating ailments. if the marijuana plants were used as they were created for, this world would be virtually free of money, garbage, corporations, pollution,violence,war. they can fool some of us sometimes, but they cannot fool all of us all the time. one of the most important functions for marijuana is its ability to stop the chatter in the mind.

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