Wednesday, April 8, 2009

white widow/ afgoo and bcgc with bcnl's producer

these bud capital green crack are realy starting to form their dense, squat and girthy buds. they've been staked to prevent any leaning in on others space because of their heavy tops. im very stoked on the progress been made with dirt in the producers. its more work and dirty, but the product will be sweet soil grown goodness, with no muck ups on the rookies behalf. soon ill shall start a 100% organic dirt producer with more f-1 hybrids from bud capital medical marijuana seeds.
these afgoo's are gona be done about 3-7 days before the bcgc it seems. giving plants a little extra time adds wieght, extra sweet smell and taste, and extra flushing

so here they are the day he starts flushing, i think day 30 or so. both varieties finish in 40-50 days max, and ive always notice jump in yield and better smell and taste if flushed for at least 2 full weeks beforw harvest. both plants just started showing hair browning, which is a good indicator in soil to start cleansing. all nugs even at the bottom are becoming thick and sticky. this is crocks first time even seeing plants in person, so t-5 were left out of this project. i beleive my diagnosis for next crop is 45 plants(9 by 5) and 4 t-5 sunblasters.

the bud capital afgoo exhibits a 100% indica next to its hybrid neighbours, staying shorter and thicker.

the bud capital green crack show f-1 vigor and "skunk" characteristics lie a super stretch in the first 2 weeks of flowering

he decided to remove the fans leaves to allow light to penetrate the canopy.

here is the grow at 16 days 12/12 including the 36 dark hours of shock flowering. i believe he vegged for 6 days, 3 too many imho.

soak the bed until its evenly moist and try to space the kiddos evenly in the bed, each strain to their respective sides. i think the bud capital afgoo is left and bud capital green crack right. once the bed dries from the first water, plants are fed 1st week flower mix and shocked with 36 hrs darkness. crock said some plants doubled in mass during this 36 hrs. hes using advanced nutrients 2 part, big bud, b52.

line the res with poly, fill level with your fave dirt mix. he used pro-ix hp.

here are the 25 afgoo and 25 bud capital green crack cuttings rooted and ready.

my buddy "c-rock" just got a pro, and prefers organic herb, we had a brutal heat wave when he bought the box so i told him to do a dirt grow with the sea of green method with 50 plants.

day 66- day 49 flower- these nugs are fat, dense and coated with crystals, white widow is amazing.

day 66- day 49 flower- with overdrive these buds start shooting(clawing) out in all directions.

day 66- day 49 flower- 10 more days and this nug will meet its maker.

day 66- day 49 flower- this is the top of a side branch, the door of the producer keeps it upright, cuz it falls when its open.

day 66- day 49 flower- 7 more days of water then 3-4 days of dark n ice:) these ones realy came back from the water logging!

day 59- day 42 flower- look at this lil piggy, was one of the more stunted plants and looks like will still get 21-28 g from here at least. notice how fat the bottom buds are from the t-5 sunblasters:)

day 59- day 42 flower- notice how the tops are "clawing", this is thanks to the the explosive nature of overdrive from advanced nutrients.

day 59- day 42 flower- this is one of the top colas, this thing is glistening.

day 59- day 42 flower- this is a side branch of a bigger plant. the plants are white already, with neon green seed bracts.

day 59- day 42 flower- add 100ml of mother earth tea bloom and 62.5 ml liquid carboload in 12.5 gallons for next 7 days. maintain ph at 5.6.

day 52- day 35 flower- that one in the back was stunted worse then the others, and still grew a decent single stalk kola, perfect for sea of green systems

day 52 - day 35 flower- they don't call this the white widow for nothin, this nug should also double in mass the next 2 weeks

day 52- day 35 flower- white widow- this still young kola is already 8 inches long and should at least doulbe in size in the next 2.5 weeks.

day 52- day 35 flower- white widow- these vigorus ladies are stil exploding in height and girth, this is their last week of overdrive before flushimg comenses.

day 45-day28 flower- look at the bud sites! covering every square inch of the plant! thanks to the superior nutes from advanced nutrients, state of the art grow cabinets from bc northern lights and cutting edge genetics from arjan @ greenhouse seeds makes for very rewarding results for beginners and pros alike. i'd like everyone to know that the producers(and other bc northern lights boxes) are the best for controlled experiments for breeding seeds, testing nutrients and foliar feeds, lighting and other aspects of growing in controlled environments, and growing out moms and seeds for new stock:) they take up little space and give great results for scientific study. with 1 male you can pollinate 17 other females of like or new genes with over 1000 seeds per plant per breeding session, unbelievable. just wait and see what "medicine man seeds" will be releasing:)

day45- day28 flower- they aren't called white widow for nothing. after 4 weeks of budding, most of the fan leaves coated with tall standing trichomes:)

day 45-day 28 flower- the widows are really back now, they grew an average of 1/2 an inch a day last week. the flowers are getting dense and are covering all the branches. they started the overdrive this week ( check purple kush recipe). still a bit bumbed that i mucked up in the beginning but it looks like now they'll be giving back 3/4 of their potential, which is nothing to complain about.

day 38- day 21 flower. the white widows have rebounded awesome and are now making up for lost growth. its a shitty pic but they are about twice as big as last week. the feeding is week 3 again. if you can see in this and last weeks pics, some babies got so water logged that they haven't even grown since day 1 flower.

day 31- day 14 flower .i'm getting a little disappointed with these ladies because things were so perfect till i started flowering. if you decide to grow sea of green or veg with 12hrs cfl 12hrs hps, unplug the water pump and use only when needed. these white widows got overfed and water logged and now they are extremely stunted and a shadow of their potential. the crop will still be amazing, just not as much as possible. follow week 3 recipe from "purple kush" post. signs of overfeeding are: wilted leaves, pail and/or dropping off lower leaves, no growth, red/purple stems. thank god i only have 4 more weeks till i can get my next chance to make these white widows perfect:)

day 24- day 7 flower- 4 t5 sunblasters are added( these ones are adapted to the cfl socket to use the cabinets timer) and co2 is turned on at flow 4. follow the "purple kush" recipe for the most updated version of my o.g. feeding program. most plants have doubled in size from last week. spray the hyox, isopropyl alcohol fungicide for mildew prevention.

day 17- because these white widows have not seen any hps light( so bright in the bcnl producer and reflective material ) and are going right into flowering, i spray them with 2 parts water 1 part wilt stop from advanced nutirents to prevent any form of light shock and/or wilting from transplanting.

day 17- rinse off all your baskets of h202, roots matter and salt residue, place clones into them, then cut x's into your poly and place transplants in the lid of the res. once in their final home, they are treated with "no wilt" and given 36 hrs of darkness to shock them into budding:)

day 17- after plants are were harvested, res was cleaned and the box was disinfected with 60 ml/litre of 35% h202 and 40 ml/litre 99% isopropyl, let air dry then lay down some black and white poly to double growth rates.

day 17- the roots are dying for a hydroponic res to call home. remember, keeping plants a bit needy is far superior to giving them too much, especially when growing hydroponically.

day 17- this is the same cutting pictured in day 10. it looks more then twice the size!

day 17- when the last crop is cut, soak the baskets in warm water and 100 ml/ 20 litre hyox, soak for 15 minutes

day 17- the roots match the green growth- thick, strong and healthy. make sure all your specimens have rooted thru before placing in the box.

day 17 -7 days later and these beutiful white widows are vibrant, vigorus and have grown enough to force flowering. the box they are going into was harvested today so there will be 0 down time.

day 10- place your new transplants under fluorescent lighting, in this case t-5 sunblasters. this batch of white widows will be rooting outside the bcnl producer because it is still 7 days from harvest. this tray can also be placed in a producer to root, or transplanted directly into the baskets into the lid of the res if need be. optimally you want your babies ready for flowering the day you harvest. 7-10 days under these lights will be perfect for this growers situation.

day 10-once the prop tray with holes is full, place it in a prop tray without holes.

day 10- i notice that gently pushing down and turning the small cube at the same time, like a screw, makes for minor root stress and or breakage :)

day 10-once the plant has been treated for shock and pests, shes ready for her permanent home.

day 10- the next step is to disinfect your cutting/seedling in 30ml/litre hyox, 20ml/litre 99% isopropyl alcohol with a ph of 8-10. master secret- take care of pests or disease when the plants are at their smallest. make sure to dunk and swirl the clone for 5-10 seconds so the whole plant gets treated:)

day 10- take your cutting/seedling and soak the medium in 10ml/liter with 'no shock' from advanced nutrients to eliminate transplant shock and initiate explosive root growth into the new medium, in this case stonewool.

day 10- place all 21 cubes in a prop flat with holes. make sure to squeeze out any excess solution from the cubes before placing them in the tray.

day 10- in 20 litres/5 gallons:90ml b-52, 30ml jumpstart, 30ml hyox, 5.0 ph. soak 21-3 inch w hole rockwool cubes for 24 hrs.

day 10-thick, white roots=strong green plants. i love the white widow(greenhouse seeds) because: it clones so easily(these roots in 10 days), is roughly 40/60 indica /sativa, extremely mold and mildew resistant, bugs don't like it(even thrips in bc), it smells amazing and not overly powerful when growing( unless in huge quantities), will finish in 45-49 days(if needed) in the bcnl cabinets or other hydro set-ups, grows beautiful white buds with no hairs, will do well as a smaller or larger plant, is very vigorous. its a dream to grow and an amazing hybrid specimen.

day 10-i have noticed that the strongest most vigorous specimens root the quickest, veg the shortest and yield the most. this beautiful white widow baby is ready for graduation ahead of the rest of the pack, with 20 others. always wear gloves when working with stonewoll and or chemicals and plants. it will maintain a clean bill of health for yourself and your plants environment.

day 10-here are the first 21 rooted cuttings from a tray of 50 white widows. they've been rooting for 10 days now. only the lightest coat of atami's bcuzz rooting gel was needed to promote faster sealing, callusing and rooting. most rooting gels will also provide these same benefits.


  1. Where can I get the afgahni/kush green giant and chronic from?? How did you get the t5s in there and still able to close the door? Thanks for all your help. I am having my clones grow in coco until they are 8" and then plan on putting them in the producer. I am trying to cut any down time. Do you think this is the best route or do u recommend a different method? Thank you

  2. all the cuttings and plants in these photos are either mine or others medical marijuana. health canada has no access programs for cuttings or medical grade seeds. they havent made any real guidelines so the medical marijuana community in canada shares strains amongst themselves when anyone has. often times sick peopl are subjected to buying illegal cuttings from organized crime which sucks. in canada, seeds are legal until they are germanated, so we have, in major cities, seed banks with medical genetics from around the world. "kind seeds co" and "vancouver seed bank" are just a couple retail stores where seeds are available. the "a/k" is available from "sensi seeds" or "british columbia seed co". green giant is a clone only strain and "chronic" is from "serious seeds" in a'dam. the cabinets have small channels under the doors which provide enough space for trimeteres and/or lamp cords. in my opinion "best" is very subjective. i think that the more crops a year, the more fresh medicine is available. having babies ready to flower the day you harvest to me is the best way. just remember, indicas can handle longer veg time and more co2 then sativa hybrids. sativas should be flowered immediatly after rooting and dont need much co2 for the first 2-3 weeks of flowering in the bcnl cabinets. i recomend to anyone to find a favorite strain for their ailment and stick with it to gain rapport with its growth patterns to maximise yields and quality. thanks for the questions jon:)

  3. I really appreciate your help on all my questions as always your write ups are great and I am going to get started next week and i'm nervous I'm keeping my fingers crossed. going old skool needed to much bending which my back and legs couldn't handle. I will look into those strains. for my first run I am going with Dynamite and I have a few UW strains I am going to run in smart pots. Do you still have the receipe on here?

  4. i honestly can say that i think that dynamite is the real grapefruit, which unti now was only available as a clone. if i was to guess, grapefruit is a bc big bud/blueberry hybrid. it literally is a "dynamite" cross. its not the most potent, but it definitly yields and smells and tastes great. if anyone has any info on the matter, please let it be known. don't be nervous, plants can sense unconfident growers, and will show in your final product, plus every growing decision i've ever made under pressure led to crop failure.just remember plants do not like to be smothered. my most recent recipe is the 'purple kush' one. my o.g. dirt recipe is posted on the recipe page:)

  5. question regarding co2 inside the producer. since the 250cfm exhaust fan is displacing air while the other intake fan is blowing in, wouldn't that just move all the co2 that's being injected out of the box before the plants are able to consume them?
    I thought that for co2 enrichment, you would need a closed space w timed ventilation, or no ventilation.

  6. great question:) fortunatly, c02 is heavier then air and it is released in an area furthest from the exhaust fan. what this means is: the heavy gas trying to fall with the force of the exhaust fan makes for a perfect enrichment of co2. another thing that should be considered is the cabinets are so bright that i doubt much gas has a chance to escape because plants inherently can use up to 6 times the amount of co2 available in nature. when given optimal conditions, they wont let that co2 go to waste. go to my first post where there is 2 foot 2 ounce buds, i've never seen this achieved without co2:)do this for yourself: do one cycle with and one without co2 if you can do your own controlled studies. i'll bet you you'll never wanna grow without it again:)
    im not sayind that all the co2 is used, and none goes to waste, but when the plants grow an 1-2 inches a day(at certain stages) under optimal conditons, you know its being used. there ius alot of rigid dogma surrounding the growing industry(a reflection of our society). its one of the worlds biggest industries which means profit is the bottom line. store owners told me for years plants would die if i didn't have a ridiculously expensive in take/out take system. i moved to bc, and started sealing my rooms and my yields and quality doubled. i still meet people who think you cant veg plants unless you have metal halides, or plants won't flower unless you have high pressure sodium. these people just sound like the store owners they trust, which is sad. profit=corruption 99% of the time. i still meet people who believe advanced nutrients is a big conspiracy, this is just regurgitated propaganda that spills down from the competetor manufacturers, to the wholesalers, to the retail outlets to the consumer. my studies have shown a 25% increase in yield, a 50% increase in bubble hash and huge increase in quality, a much sweeter smell and a taste like no other. all i'm putting forward is: draw conclusions from your experience, not from hearsay, because hearsay has no scientific or moral grounds to stand on:) this is relative to growing, healing, perception and reality to name a few:)

  7. I agree with you totally on all the rhetoric in the industry driven by alliances and personal profits, but then that's capitalism at it's best, or worst, LOL however u look at it.

    okay to understand u correctly, what u are saying is that since co2 is heavier than air it will sink to the bottom of the plants and with the movement of the air inside the box the co2 is evenly distributed through out, in an ideal situation. Also since the plants have an abundance of light it will spead up the rate of transpiration and co2 uptake? so with these 2 factors and the fact that the timer turns on co2 every 7mins, hmm be interesting to see how fast that exhaust fan can displace all the air in the box, wonder if they actually did the research.
    Well all I can say is I'm going to give it a try, especially coming from a veteran like urself, I'd be stupid to disagree. By the way how much co2 do you consume? I was planning on buying one of those 20lb ones. Guy at the shop told me it will last 10 days, I thought it'd be longer.

  8. another question bout temperature, I have it in a room with 72F temp. however it sits inside a smaller closed area, the exhaust from the lights are warming up the room to bout 82F and the intake is sucking in this air and bringing the temp inside to 86F and at night w/ lights off it cools to 68F. I know the optimal temp for growth is 75F, however I haven't noticed any adverse affects of the warmer air. What do you have ur temp at? and how hot does it get at its peak temp?

  9. more great questions. when u use the co2 as recomended by bcnl or in the "chronic green giant" post, it should last 1 crop. at the rate that the purple kush are using in my newest bcnl producer cabinet, it will probably 1.25-1.5 per crop. factors like the strain, grow times etc will alsoi play a role. lets say on average each grow uses 1 tank. i'd recomend if you can to just rent the tanks and replace them when empty with full ones at the store. i've seen plants grow like crazy in these units with peak temps of 89 degrees and res temps of 80. the lowest i've seen is air 60, water temp 55. what i've noticed is that plants do the best with no change to anything. so humidity at 50%, temp at 75, water temp 70, ph 5.6 and constant ppm of gas and nutes means plants never have to do any adjustments, which means more energy to growing. remember, all strains have their own temperments. some like cold, some like hot, highh ppm, low ppm, long or short cycles etc. i know for a fact though that co2 enriched plants love 86 degrees, its when they are at their genetic potential for breathing. but 70-86 is fine. just depends how much of a perfectionist the grower is and what limits the area has to controland maintain all these factors. it usually takes 3 crops to "dial in" an area to optimal levels, and "optimal" is somwhat subject to yourself, strain and enviroment.all i know is that as growers, heat is usaully our biggest nemesis:)

  10. thank you for ur detailed responses, I can tell u have a passion for it. I am on second week, day 11 of flowering, not using co2 yet. Was going to get a tank today and start the co2 enrichment, as my box stays at 85F during the day with lights on. I didn't even think of the differences strains bring into the equation, u just opened my eyes to some new variables. I think that to crop a plant is prob not that diff due to the law of self preservation, but to tweak the environment for a particular strain is a constant lesson that never ends, and I think that is the beauty that attracts me to this hobby. Constantly searching for perfection.
    I was considering posting a journal but due to laws in my area, I'm hesitant, was even concerned with leaving comments on ur blog, haha.
    Been on the other side before so being extra careful. Too bad I don't live where u do, there any good paying IT jobs in BC?

  11. question bout ur clones, have you ever used an aeroponic cloner? it seems to me that applying the cloning gel it would simply get washed off by the jets of water.
    a couple words struck me in ur comments regarding the stages of rooting.
    sealing, callusing and rooting
    I notice the stem turns white(sealing), then bumps(callusing) form, then roots appear(rooting)
    wonder if same or better results could be achieved from the rockwool and trays method. I use the aro cloner cause it's less work, just let them sit there until they root.

  12. any experience with Bubble Gum x Big Bud?
    Just cloned monday still waiting for roots, the branch structure on the mother is ridiculous, many bud sites.

  13. aero cloners are awesome for the individual for personal use. they aren't that practical when it comes to the commercial level. theres alot of medical growers in bc, who constantly need medical grade clones, unfortunatly health canada thinks clones are illegal????health canada also thinks hash and oil aree non medicinal!!!!!! i prefer stonewool in prop flats the old school way. there definitly is a process with cuttings, they have to seal their wound first, then the compensate by callusing ans thru the callus the plants can force roots, i think its atreuly magical process:) the only big bud ive grown is bc big bud, and bc grapefruit(blueberry/bc big bud). any crosses with big bud wiil generally carry on its tight nodes and bud production, with the smell and taste of whatever its crossed with. bg/bb sounds like an rad cross.

  14. Hey Doc, Well like you said 3rd times a charm. My widows are just about to hit week 3 and they look great! I owe it all to you and that killer recipe. (I'm using your new kush recipe) It's such a pleasure seeing a healthy grow compared to the past 2 failures. I have a question if you don't mind...If I'm doing a 8 week cycle, when do I switch out the Big bud for Overdrive and what amount per gallon would you recommend? Also do I start backing down off the mix at some point? Your post kind of ends for the kush at week 4, so I'm not sure what do do for the second half of the grow. Hope you don't mind answering dumb questions. I'm forever in your debt.

  15. yo twisten, so stoked its workin out for you. the key with hydro is: never make any mistakes, ever. plants tend to be more sensitive in exchange for bigger stickier buds, neon green colour, shorter crop times, higher values. due me a favour, u owe me nothin, but please share anything you can with the world to help it instead:)
    as far as an 8 week cycle, you switch to overdrive in week 6 and seven then flush with advanced nutrients 'final phase' for week 8. the purple kush grow is updated every wednesday until its bagged and tagged for consumption. i will be taking it 7 weeks, so i will be using overdrive for weeks 5-6(still to come). overdrive is always used at 10ml per gallon, for the last 2 weeks before flushing. i consider no question to be dumb, i ask them all the time:) i value your appreciation, and time to write:)

  16. I'm on my 3rd week now, added co2 at beg of second week. The flowers are already forming and they look beautiful, and tight. I am changing water at every 10 days instead of 7, as I don't think it's necessary, although that's just assumption at this point, or laziness, LOL.
    They seem to be doing well, no sign of under/over nute, although the ppm did spike from 1450 to 1600~ yesterday, I toped it w/ some water. I'm not following any specific feeding schedule, I am using Botanica pureblend pro bloom, Calmeg, Silica Blast, and Liquid Carma, w/ hydrozyme used w/ half suggested strength. I start from 1000~ first 10days of flower, then gradually work my way up to 1550 on the 30th day, then back down to 1000 and flush on the 55thday, then 62nd day I plan on shocking them w/ ice and darkness for 3 more days. Let me know if this method is ok, or am I heading for disaster? I think I'm trying to take the minimalist approach by not doing too much, and let it maintain per say.

  17. there is definitly a 1001 ways to skin a cat. the only afvice i would have for you, if you want and/or need it is: change res evry 5-7 days(5 being most superior), dont let ppm get over 1600 ever, add co2 in day 2-5 of flower to hasten harvest and get more flower sites and yield, shock ripening(ice and darkness) is also used to hasten flowering. why harvest in 8 1/2 weeks whemn you could be done in 45-50? thats just my take:) the green giant breeder says 60-65 days indoors, when in the cabinets, under optimal conditions, ive seen them cropped in 45. grows are so subjective to the growers needs/wants:)

  18. why change the res so often? it seems to me that would be wasting a lot of water and nutes? in 5 days the plants haven't consumed all the nutes in the water, and they drink water at a faster rate than nutes so the nute concentration shoots up. By topping with water every other day, I noticed the ppms go down, which means that the plants are eating, why take away the plate when they haven't finished their meal? or does changing the res so often guarantee fresh nutes and the best consumption/absorbtion rate?
    for some reason I thought I read in one of ur posts about using less water and also changing the res less times during the cycle, I could be wrong....

  19. I would love to crop in 45 days, I thought the only way to do that is to gradually shorten the daylight hrs? but I heard it also leaves your yields premature, since they were not given the time to maximise yield.
    I'm curious to how you can crop in 45 days? is that 45 days of flowering? when do you shock ripen? at the very end to increase trichomes? I did read in one of your posts that you leave lights off for 3 days when first put into flowering to speed up flowering, is that what you are referring to when you mention the steps necessary to harvest in 45 days. Could you please tell me what other steps u took to crop in 45 days?


  20. the thing with nutes/water is the fresher they are, the faster plants grow. i'd mentioned before that i'm changing my water level from 65-50 litres to avoid overwatering via baskests being submerged with no or little root mass. i've mucked 2 grows from this problem because the sub-floor the boxes were on were not 100% level. if you want a harvest in 45 days, get a pure indica or a 50/50 indica strain with strong indica traits and follw my "purple kush " recipe. i know people who grow in dirt that claim purple kush cannot be cropped in less then 63 days, i've done it in 45 plus 3 days ice and darkness. which could have been 42 days plus 3 days ice/darkness. ( i wanted to flush 10 opposed to seven days). i'll do it again in the next 3 weeks on this post("purple kush").

  21. to clearify, i will be cropping a 63 day plant in 45-49, which is the same as a 56 day variety in 42-45:)dig?

  22. I see what you mean bout flushing the water more frequent, I'm going to do it every 5 days now. I had a misconception that I had to wait till the ppms drop down to a low number, however I didn't realize that they drink water at a much faster rate than the nutes intake, so the ppms shoot up daily. How much water do you top your res with every day? 1 or 2 gal?
    they seem to grow at a faster rate when first flushed with new nutes, then they plateau off. I've been inadvertently stunting their growth rate, by starving them of nutes. I think I finally understand that if the plants have optimal conditions and then they grow everyday until harvest? so if at anytime they stop growing then there's a problem.

  23. i personaly prefer a 7 day schedule, but 5 days has shown to be "optimal". i do know people who grow 42 day strains that use a 6 day feeding time to fit a 7 week recipe into 6 weeks. the larger you plants get, the more fresh water will be needed-e.g.: week 1 flowering may need .5 litre a day and in the final week (flushing) they can need up to 8 litres a day, it depends on plant size, root size and growth rate/stage. just keep the ppm at what it was when you first mix it and add as needed.if you notice them growing more daily, it means your hydro system is optimal.

  24. ok, I have not been adding as needed, not been keeping the PPM at each initial feeding. I thought the general practice was to leave it alone for a week, top off with water daily, didn't know I was supposed to keep the ppm at a certain level. I think I'll try that, hmmmm maybe thats why you are able to harvest in such short time. When you say keeping the conditions "optimal" you really mean EVERYTHING, what I've noticed is that they show growth spurts and plateau off, never have I experienced exponential growth curve.

  25. hydroponic set ups have always been proven to be faster and more efficient than standard soil grows. usually growth will burst after the res change, then slow until next change. keep in mind plant genetics are 1/3 important as much as enviroment and nutrients. people claim genes are all that matter, through trial and error, i will beg to differ. those three things listed must all be balanced equaly to achieve "optimal conditions":)

  26. thanks.. i ll definitely use that recipe. i have a couple more questions if you dont mind? when you say veg using 12hrs cfl 12 hrs hps what do you mean by that? i thought veg was an 18 6 lighting schedule. also when flowering would it be wise to use the cfl bulb as well as the 4 t5's?

  27. Can you explaine how you adapted your T5's to the cfl socket, I would like to try that set up in my producer;
    thanks in advance.

  28. automan: i veg with 24 hours light- 12hr with the hps, 12hr with the compact flouresent. if you can add the cfl during flowering then do it, just keep a keen i on your temp in the cabinet. i notice 4 sunblasters generate as much heat as a 200w cfl. the extra light and spectrum will be beneficial for your plants:)too much heat is bad:(

  29. jada: if you can double click any of the front view "purple kush" photos that show the whole box, you can see that there is a socket adapter that fits into the cfl has a male end which fits the cfl socket, and a female end which fits just a regular bulb, or another adapter which has 2 plug sites and a regular socket. so all t-5s run off the cfl timer opposed to cords and timers being run out of the grow chamber. does this make sense?

  30. That makes perfect sense,if not genius. I purchased a socket adapter from my local home improvement store and the male end was too small for the socket in the cabinet. I have the newer producer with the white res, does this make a diff? or can you tell me where to find the correct size adapter? Also have you tried BlueBerry in these cabinets? would this be a good strain for a newbe?

  31. any hardware store or electrical supply store will carry what you need. just tell them you need to put a plug and regular socket into a high pressure sodium socket. blueberry dominated bc's market in the early 2000's. its strong high matched with high yields and entoxicating aroma made it a fave for commercial and connoisseur growers alike. the only negatives ive heard about the world famous "blueberry" is that it is hard to clone. it is the first strain i ever bought from marc emery seeds in 1999, and was a very beautiful experience:) i'd recommend it for anyone.

  32. not sure if I understand how you over fed them?
    the box waters 2wice a day, did you reprogram that?
    did you put them at 12cfl/12hps so that the plants will not be shocked by the HPS light when you flower?

  33. got a question bout co2, I've gone through 2 tanks now since 4/16, thats one every 8 days.
    I have a 20lb set at 5psi, haven't changed the programming so it's set at factory settings. 7sec/7min I believe. I wonder if the solenoid inside went bad, because I see on the regulator the remaining psi on the second gauge, and it seems like it's 3/4 full, then all of a sudden in one day it will go from 700 to 0.
    How long does a full co2 tank last for you?
    what is your psi set to?

  34. when clones are small, they are very sensitive to water logging. the cabinets are designed to veg plants to about 8 inches then flower. sea of green has little or no veg time, so lil babies get hit 2 times a day with water, which stunts they're growth, something i foolishly overlooked. i just unplug the water pump till buds start showing to solve the problem:) co2 from my purple kush post lasts for about 4-5 weeks, so 1.25-1.5 tanks per grow. it just sounds like you have a leak or a missing plastic washer in the tank adapter(the "screw" part of your regulator). this washer seals any gaps of air where c02 can escape. symptoms of leaks are: an ice cold regulator, extreme gas use, hisssing c02 escaping thru small spaces. replace the flow washer and spray connections with soapy water to troubleshoot the problem which is very common:)

  35. so by shutting off the pump wouldn't that dry out the rockwool? that means no water is getting to the cubes till flower? never tried that, maybe the roots will come out faster if I don't water it 2wice a day, cause I have a separate container to veg, and I'm watering it every 4hrs for 5mins. Are you saying I shouldn't water them at all till flower time?

  36. all i'm saying is that plants need feeding based on their size, and bcnl recomends 6-8 inches of growth before flowering. i prefer to give little to no veg time meaning that they don't need 2 daily feedings for the first 1-2 weeks:)

  37. I'm going to give that a shot, I veg for like a month, and they get from 6 inches to about 12. This is all done in a separate container, home made one, so all this happens while the producer is flowering. However this has worked out for me since I'm not rushing to get it into the box, so in a way the stunting has helped me out in this case. I see what you mean bout the feeding according to it's size, or rather their root structure size, makes sense. Babies don't eat as much as adults do.

  38. medicine man i have a slight problem... the only babies that are currently available to me right now are in dirt sacs. i was wondering if there was a way to transplant to rockwool medium? to save me the time of taking a clipping and waiting for that to root through.

  39. i don't know what a "dirt sack" is?

  40. haha lol sorry my bad.. i think its a jiffy pellet. i was wondering if i could use that and go directly to the 3 inch rockwools? was also wondering if i cheap out and dont go with the 200w cfl for veging, what would you recommend? just the 18 6 light cycle instead of 24hrs light cycle? or.....? was wondering how come you veg with lights for 24 hrs? if i am veging with the hps and switch to metal halide for flowering wouldn't that be shocking the plant by changing the spectrum? thanks

  41. jiffy pellet: they will fit perfectly into the 3 inch(with hole) stonewool cubes.
    vegging: the only reason i veg 24 hours is because 2 boxes are on one breaker, so when they switch to flower, i just turn off the cfl.go 18/6 with hps, and throw away the halides and use the hps for flowering. halides are inferior to hps in lumens( usable plant light). if you do decide to switch bulbs, all that may happen is a slight discoloration on the leaves. i'd recommend using the halide the last 2 weeks before harvest because halides do have more uv light which promotes resin production and plants don't grow much by then:)

  42. medicine man: today was day 1 i transplanted 18 jiffy's into the 3 inch cubes ( which were soaked 24 hrs) in same fashion you did. the rockwools are still moist and i fliped the switch to 18 6 but i didnt fill the res yet because the roots are obiously not out of the 3inch rockwool yet. how long before i should fill the res? and in the meanwhile should i moisten the rockwool if it gets dry? and with what nutes? when should i add c02 the mix? how long do u recomend that i veg for? oh and also how long would a 50lb c02 tank last?

  43. i would have vegged them in a tray until all rotts popped thru the bottom, it makes for easier maintainance. once roots are showing, the strain and size of them at this point will let you know how much lonher to veg or flower-this will decide what nutrient to use at this point. co2 can be added depending on plant size and strain as well. i usualy only veg until plants start showing signs of vigour and growth, and that will also give you an exact idea of how long gas will last. your questions are very subjective, keep a journal of every grow like i do to help you figure out and remember what is working best for you and your strain:)

  44. hey medman do you think O.G KuSh will do good if the grow box...??

  45. hey medman.. i was just wondering i have the two sunblasters hooked up together since you can power two with one plug, and pluged in to the cfl socket. is there another plugin i can purchase at the hardware store to allow me to plug in the other sunblasters since my other power bar wont fit into the cfl plug. thanx

  46. sunblasters are designed to attach to one another thru adapters on opposing ends, read the directions on the package. you only need one actual plug to connect to the cfl, all others connect to eachother.

  47. I can't find that socket adaptor with an outlet anywhere tried ace hardware, and homedepot. No where online carries it, down to taping into the wire and making my own. What store did you find yours in?
    homedepot has the smaller one which is too small.

    On to better topic, I'm on the last week in my producer with sweet breath, and the colas are looking nice and plump, however the top 20% of some of my huge colas have no trichomes on them, I'm on the 8th week and already started flushing, not sure what to do, will the trichomes come out during this last week? or during the 3 days dark period after the flush?
    please help, thanks!

  48. home depot has them, dont be shy to ask, they are by all the sockets and adapters in electrical, trust me:) your colas sound like they are too close to the bulbs(glass) trichomes cannot grow when its to hot in temp or kelvin temp. keep in mind trichomes do not grow back once damaged, stressed or broken.

  49. medicine man i posted a few flicks i aint to good at his but check them out should be under producer flicks

  50. Hey Doc, My widows are looking PHAT! and FAT for that matter. I'm just ending week 8 but aren't too sure what to do to finish them. Just watr and clearex?

  51. giving them 7 days 0f clearex and fresh water then 3 days just water, then 4 days of ice water and darkness, this will give a total of 2 weeks flushimg, the widow seems to like more then the usual 7-10.

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