Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"black magic"

black magic is what i call natures most medicinal substance: hemp oil aka hash oil. it can be used topically for virtually any ailment of the skin, muscle or tissues. taken orally to help to combat any malady. or smoked as a fast way to pain relief, falling asleep, increasing metabolism, increasing focus and awareness, deep meditation, chronic stress or stress relief, balancing and centering and the list goes on. watch "run from the cure" by rick simpson on you tube for a more in depth look at this oils magical powers . in this day and age, it would seem that this extract could most likely the worlds most 'essential' oil. it could free so many from financial burdens and gross side effects from pharmaceuticals and its parasitic industry. this plant and all its by products like medicine, clothing, textile, food, oils and resins is illegal (too most) because it can help us, not hurt us. i can probably name 1 in every three people i know that use this plant in one way shape or form to improve their lives and the lives of others around them. marijuana is the answer to so many of the problems the world is facing today, not the cause of them.


  1. Well...I love reading your journals and Ive printed about 90% of this web site out on paper, so that if anything happends to you, or this web site, i still have your knowledge that you have passed to me. Thank YOU so much! The So Cal Medical marijuana public thanks you!

  2. i'm glad you have the confidence in me living a long and prosperous life/career, lol! i would actually like to thank all of california for a- standing up for your rights to posess one of man kinds oldest form of medicine b- standing up to all the tyrants in your corporatocracy of banksters, med companies and corporate american interests. c- breeding some of the worlds finest specimens of medicine- the og and purple kush's to name a couple. d- setting the stage and perfect model for the normalisation and distribution of natural, safe and holistic medicine(cannabis thc). d- the sixties and carlos castaneda:) hemp has always helped humanity, and whoever creates nonsensical laws banning hemp, its them who is hurting the planet and humanity...we live in a backwareds world today where lies are truths and the truth is a lie. anything that aids suffering and destruction of the masses ie guns, junk food, violence- is rampant and available, and anything that gives freedom to the masses from pain and suffering and destruction:like information, cannabis, coca and phsycotropic plants like mushrooms and peyote- is illegal and/or unavailable and/or hard to find.