Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the new bcnl 'producer' with great white shark

week 3 flowering( follw purple kush post for recipe)- thanks to advanced nutrients, the bcnl producer and greenhouse seeds(the great white shark), i've had to turn off the co2 and will probably be cutting them all in half becuase overall they've doubled in size last week!!! i should have never gave these ladies any veg time, because the combo of advanced nutrients, the state of the art cabinet and the genetics is literelly overgrowing their means!!! i'll make the executive desicion this week:) this is madness.
when the top leaves are facing 45-90 degrees, u know your plants are healthy and viberant.

these great white sharks display extremely tight internodes, lateral branching, thick stocks and dark green leaves. even after 7 days of flowering a very sweet, rich, pungent and skunky smell ( like freshly smoked herb) fills this cabinet and room as i do the weekly res change. it just smells like world class pot:) this same plant is pictured above with a wider angle.

wow, look at the difference from last week.

day 14(week 2 fowering)- the plants take up twice as much space as they did a week ago

(advanced nutrients) 50litre/12.5 gal

bloom- 187.5ml

micro, liquid big bud-125ml


b-52,mother earht tea bloom,hyox-75ml

liquid carboload-25ml


co2 flow-04


plant hieght-14 inches

in a week most roots and plants above have more then doubled in size with no co2! the great white shark from greenhouse seeds is one of the worlds most awarded varieties. its heritage is a white widow crossed to a super skunk. it recommended for indoor hydroponic set ups add does very well in "sea of green". a perfect strain for these cabinets. hoprfully we can get her to finish in 45-49 days. we'll see what happens:)

day 7( week 1 flower). thanks to the new model producer and clones taken from seeded moms, these plants grew from an average of 4 inches to 8 i9nches in a week. they could have been flipped to 12/12 at day 4, but i wanted to take them to day 7. what a difference from the week before! master secret: make sure all your moms grew from seed to get the "f-1" cuttings to grow with. i've seen yields increase 15% and crop time shortend by 25% using cuttings from seeded moms versus commercially produced cuttings from generations of replication.

week 1 flower- add co2 and four 4 ft t-5 sunblasters this week.

(advanced nutrients) 50litres/12.5 gal ph 5.5-5.8



liquid big bud-62.5ml


ppm 1100-1200

co2 flow- 2

plant height- 8 inches

day 1- great white shark- co2 will be added once plants show signs of optimal growth. master secret- if plants droop , curl or wilt during the first 3-5 days hps light, its due to the fact that the roots are looking for their permanaat home in the nute solution and brighter light intensity adaptation. do not try to fix the wilting!!! let them do their thing. these ladies took 3 days to root into the 3" cubes and put directly into the producer. these are all about 3-4 inches tall and will be given 7 days of vegetative growth. go to the purple kush post for new veg feeding program:)


  1. Wow, well let me say i just got off the phone with BC Northern Lights and they talked about you like no other! I was like, well its kinda funny...Ive actually been talking to him online! And they were like oh wow, really?! It was kind of weird! lol. Plants are looken great! Lets see MORE PICS!!

  2. MedicineMan, very nice,you are an inspiration to all of us that have made so many mistakes in a trial and error program.Not many would share such valuable info,Thanks again.

  3. hey bangdeep, can we just say that there are no mistakes, just lessons:) and that the more successful people in the planet there are, the more positive energy is created, whether its medicine, career or whatever:) the ket with hydro is you can't mick up anything, cuz if you do, you might as well start over. thats worth bigger, better yields in less time.

  4. nice photos i have a kahuna set from bcnl i love it

  5. what medicial strain would u say is the heavy yeilder in those boxes

  6. i have tried blueberry and now i have black kush,og kush,martain mean green,jack heer,jack ice,sour d, grapefruit kush im lost on witch one to run ive only had my set up going for a min and aint to sure?

  7. just wait and see the b.c. deisel i just bred, its rediculous:)

  8. jack herer will grow one long, dense cola if given 1-3 days veg after rooting before flipping. all your kush flavours will branch out. the sour d might be second becuase it aint as potent as the jack, its more commercial.

  9. medicine man i posted pic thought i did it right i aint to sure my screen name is kush monster but the e mail is the willis_1488 name

  10. the flicks are in my profile under producer flicks

  11. can you just leave the whole htlm

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