Monday, March 16, 2009

bc northern lights "producer" - purple kush

day 49 flower- aside from a bit of powdery mildew that rebounds the last 2 weeks of budding, the buds are 100% white with resin, just glistening:)
day 49 flower- after 7 days of "final phase", empty the res and add 30 litres of ice water and 4 bags of ice, ph balance the water to 5.5-5.8, maintain water at 20-30 fegrees F, turn off all lights and give them 3-7 dqays of darkeness and ice water. this will ripen any unripe 'pop corn' nugs and add ounces of resin to the already ripe nugs:)

day 42 flower- these cabinets allow for such fast ripening that these purple kush plants might not have a chance to turn fully purple- notice the fan leaves just starting:) my friend just got back from cali and said people would spend upwards of 500-600 u.s.d. an ounce for this stuff in the dispensaries!!!!

day 42 flower- with no problems, delays or stress, a perfect feeding schedule and alot of love, this is my second "impeccable" crop in the cabinets and should yield 1-1.5 pounds of some of the worlds finest medicine- the purple kush:)

day 42 flower- this is the underside of the bud pictured below. madness.

day 42 flwer- check out how trichome coated theses purple kushes are at 6 weeks!!! you cant even see the green seed bracts. unbeleivable.

day 42 flower- these boxes are realy something else! the pks could have been harvested today or day 45 after 3 days of darkness and ice. they are soo coated with the sweetest smelling resin, awwwww, purple kush. today feeding is: 50L res; final phase(advanced nutrients) 125ml, hyox 75ml, ph 5.5, ppm 300, no c02. remove all major fan leaves to 1- stress plants to make more resin 2- allow more light to shaded buds so they fatten and ripen to increase yield and quality 3- allow for increased air flow:)

day 35 flower- these purple kushes average 24 inches and should average 28 grams each bagged and tagged.

day 35 flower- these buds are so sticky its hard to beleive they still have a 7 more days of feeding, 7 more days of flushing and 3 days of shock ripening( darkness and ice). notice how some hairs are browning, its a sure sign that those seed bracts have given up waitng for pollen and will be putting all their energy into producing resin to defend itself from birds, land animals and rain for the duration of its life.

day 35 flower- the buds are exploding, swelling and closing thanks to advanced nutrients' "overdrive".

day 35 flower- plants have stopped growing up and buds will now be closing, fattening, hardening and ripening. even the lower branches have nice nuggets forming. this weeks recipe is the same as last weeks(day 28). if some lower leaves start browning and dieing, just remove them, they now receive little or no light so all their nutes are sent up towards the more illuminated parts of the plant. all in all, this will be another perfect kush grow:)

day 28 flowering- both parents of this cali bred medicine originate in afghanistan. one being from south eastern( hindu kush mountain range) and the other northern (mazar-e- sharif) regions known the world over for producing some of the worlds most potent hashish. by the looks of it, i'm sure it didn't take ancient tribes long to figure out that this plant and its invaluable properties would become one of mankinds best freinds:)

day 28 flower- all you see is clusters of buds thanks to bcnl and advanced nutrients. day 28 flower- with help from overdrive from advanced nutrients, co2 and these coveted purple kush genetics, these flowers will now begin to tighten up and grow outwards more so then upwards. the 'stretching' stage is now complete so that bulking up/ripening may comence. even at this stage in the game, these specimens smell like a skunks ass, one of the signs that this is some of worlds most potent cannabis, and indeed one of the medical communities' most sought after strains. double click the image to see how much resin has formed already.

day 28 flower- look at how each purple kush is fighting for space, and how dark the leaves are in contrast to the buds. these short, stout, kush plants are perfect for these cabinets. the hash and oil that will be made from these "hash plants' is be world class medicine.

day 28 flower- week 5 feeding 50 litres/ 12.5 gallons (advanced nutirents)


mother earth tea-150ml

micro-125ml med-man's swell 30g




plant hieght 24"



ph down- 2 ml

ph 5.5-5.8

day 21 flower- thanks to the t-5 sunblasters, advanced nutrients  and med-man's trophy winning boosters and state of the art grow cabinets from bcnl, even the lower side branches are pumping out serious bud formation:)

day 21 flower- as you can see, thick kusk clusters of buds have already started forming. every where there are main colas reaching for its share of bright light. advanced nutrients makes the most bud sites, darkest leaves and tightest growth patterns:)

day 21 flower- this will be the last week of big bud before overdrive starts. i've opted to give them another week of nutes( 6 total) to bring out some purple and extra rich coffee/kush odor and tatse. use the same recipe as last week but:

co2 8

plant height 23"

day 14 flower-a different angle realy shows how vigorus these pure indicas are. kushes are known to realy jump in height the first 2 weeks of flowering before building extremely dense, stocky, pungent buds which usualy resemble nuggets more so then colas. mind you i have personaly grown kush buds averaging the size of my fist hydroponically in my "medical supercropping system". kushes tend to grow as wide as tall with appropriate spacing. the "pk" is a true masterpeice:)

day 14 flower- purple kush is by far one of my all time favorite strains. its effect produces a long and powerful stone felt in the arms, legs and chest. the odor is total kush with a strong coffee undertone. one puff from a joint and the high is immediate, smoke very expensive and dense in the lungs, and a flavour exact to the smell, like most kushes. one of the most medicinal and powerful hybrids known to man. i would like to see a thc content test done to see its percentage:)

day 14 flower- the longer you grow your crops, the higher the ppm in the solution making your roots the same colour as the nutrient solution which is 100% normal. its when a slime, sludge or algea, snotty looking film on the roots and/or bad smell which means your roots are a day or two from fully blown root rot. master tip- add hyox every 2-3 days to prevent rot and super oxygenate your root zone. b-52 over time will always leave darker spots on your roots as well at the surface area of your roots with respect to your average solution level.

day 14 flower, week 3 feeding-50litre/12.5gallon ph 5.5-5.8

(advanced nutrients)

med-man's bloom 30g




mother earth tea bloom, hyox-75ml

cannabolic stacker 1.5g, liquid carboload-50ml



co2 flow-06

plant hieght-17"

day 7 flower- the bc northern lights grow cabinets provide every thing needed to grow world class medicine (and allow roots to more than double in size in a week!): bright light, air flow, co2 and super oxygenated , nutient packed water. with all these needs met, plants are being cropped 7-14 days earlier then recomended by the breeder or supplier!

day 7 flower- week 2 feeding 50L/12.5 gal res

med-man's bloom 30g




hyox, mother earth tea bloom-75ml

cannabolic stacker foliar - 0.1g/liter

med-man's sugar coat - 75g



ppm-1400 (2 ec)

co2 flow-4

plant height- 14 inches

day 7 veg(day 1 flower) a clean nutrient solution means a clean rez which equals high oxygen levels creating clean vibrant roots rewarding you for providing them with the perfect conditions for optimal growth.

day 7 veg(day 1 flower)- roots are white, thick, healthy and at least 7 inches long.

day 1flowering(7 days veg)- in 7 days of veging, the plants and the roots have grown substantialy and are ready to be forced to flower. the stacks and branches are so thick and vigorus i find it hard to believe that most growers find the purple kush hard to grow. its 100% pure indica and should fare well in all set ups.

week 1 flower- 50 litres/ 12.5 gal. 4 t5 sunblasters turned on

(new formula for indicas)
grow,micro,bloom, 125ml

med-mans bloom - 30g

mother earth tea bloom-75ml

hyox- 80



sugarcoat - 30g

ppm-1300 (1.8 ec)


ph down- 2ml

plant height-10"

res temp-65-75

air temp-70-80

humdity- 50-60%

day 1- make sure to replace air stones every crop to ensure strong, healthy roots for a big, potent crop. also try your best to keep the stones as centered as possible to keep plants equal in size. master secret- line any growing surface with reflective material and/or sunblaster t-5's. it will decrease your cycle time. increase your yield and save you time and energy with pruning.

day 1- these pk's took 5 days days to be totally busting out the bottoms of the 3 inch rockwool cubes. i'm changing my reservoir level from 65 litres to 50 litres( 15 gal to 12.5 gal). over a 8 week cycle you can save yourself about 2 res changes in resources and deal with less spillage. if the old recipe is workin out for you don't change it, but this is where im at, thats all. it kinda seems like the new white reservoirs hold just a little less too.

vegging (advanced nutrients)- 50L/12.5 gal res -12 hrs hps/12 hrs 200w sunblaster cfl

(new formula for indicas and sativas im boxes))
advanced nutrients
grow- 187.5 ml

micro- 125 ml

bloom- 62.5 ml

cannabolic stacker - 1.5 g

barricade- 10ml
hyox- 80 ml

ppm- 1200

co2 flow- 01

1/2 ml ph down
plant height- 5 inches
ph- 5.5-5.8
res temp- 65-75
air temp- 70-80
humidity- 50-70%


  1. ahhhh I see. So on the other post thoughs are green crack? And these ones are PK? Ive grown Green crack, very nice strain, indica right? The nutrient solution you use, is that the one that advanced nutrients request? or did you come up with your own formula? and when you say to apply a reflective material and use t5 sunblasters do increase yield and what not...what kind of reflective material would you reccomend? and would it hurt if you use both t5 sunblasters and reflective material or just either or. and can you putn the reflective material on the sides of the box, or just on the bottom of what box?

  2. the nutrient solution is my own, the reflective material is black and white poly, and using black and white poly for the vegitative growth and adding t-5's later when flowering works good :)

  3. What would be the best strain to use in the producer with the most yields? What site is a good place to order from? Great write up and the pictures are excellent.

  4. for omtimal results you need a "sea of green" plant. these varities consist mostly of single cola growth patterns. to name a few of the heaviest yielding: chronic, heavy duty fruity, northern lights #5, afgahni #1, hash plnt, fruity juice, critical mass, skunk #1, himalaya gold, great white shark, power plant, super skunk, white rhino and master kush (white label) to name a few. these will all have a different range of taste, high, medical value, finishing time and price. vancouver seed bank, the kind seed company and sensi seeds would be a couple names that come to mind for quality, reliability and integrity :)

  5. let us not forget the infamous jack herer and super silver haze for sativas that do extremely well for sea of green!

  6. just AMAZED on your growing ability in these grow boxes! I grow like this on my ebb and flow tables, but in these boxes your a master! Is it truly that easy? Like i said in the past im going to purchase two of these babies after i get back from Iraq! And you have truly opened my eyes to new growing techniques! Thank YOU!!

  7. thanks man, and you are welcome.i;m actually still mastering these boxes. it seems like i will be only feeding indicas 5 weeks of nutes and indica/sativas 6 weeks only due to the fact that they ripen so fast in these controlled enviroments. in 45( could have been 40) days from planting to harvest i just got 3/4 of a pound of some of the best kush that i, or anyone else i've shown or medicated with, have been blessed to smoke. hydro turns out neon green kind, no matter the variety. in about 6 more months i'll have these boxes completely dialed in. i'm still tweaking strains, co2 and feeding programs to get them 100%. buying these boxes is a no brainer for anyone who wants or needs world class medicine. just wait till i make honey oil from the trim...mmmmmm ...oil...:)

  8. Just 3/4 of a pound? Hmmm...I thought no doubt you can pull a pound no problem!

  9. in 40 days, thats 6 lb a year dude. thats no veg time. if you veg, you get 6 crops of 1 lb, whats the difference? annualy grows will always balance out with rent, expences and labour. do the math:)

  10. actualy its 6.5 lb per year no veg

  11. Hey Doc, I'm a little confused. I mixed up a batch of your veg recipe:
    (new formula for indicas and sativas im boxes))
    advanced nutrients
    grow- 187.5 ml
    micro- 125 ml
    bloom- 62.5 ml
    b52- 75 ml
    barricade- 10ml
    hyox- 80 ml
    ppm- 1200

    and I cut it down to 8 gal. ( I have a Bloom Box) and the PPM was over 1900. I had to use 16 gallons of RO water to get it down to 1100. (Obviously before I put it in my rez) So basiclly I had to cut your recipe in half to get the proper PPM. Am I missing something? AN says 8-900 for veg. Would you mind explaining this for me?
    This is my mix getting 1100 ppm with RO water.
    (new formula for indicas and sativas im boxes))
    advanced nutrients
    grow- 7.5ml/gal =60 ml
    micro- 5ml/gal = 40ml
    bloom- 2.5ml/gal = 20 ml
    b52- 3ml/gal =24 ml
    barricade- .8ml/gal = 6.4
    hyox- 3.2ml/gal = 25.6
    ppm- 1100

  12. the recipe i posted is for 50 litres or 12.5 gallons. my grow journals are only models to show what works well, and are intended for medicinal educational purposes. feel free to follow the directions on all your products labels and or incorporate my ideas with yours. the veg program should look like so:
    grow 15ml/gal
    micro 10ml/gal
    bloom,b-52 5ml/gal
    barricade 1ml/gal
    hyox 6.5ml/gal
    1100-1200 ppm (regional difference may very by 100-200ppm give or take)
    remember to maintain ppm by adding fresh water as needed to the res.

  13. Thanks Doc! I understand. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. I've screwed up 2 crops so far and didn't want to make it 3. I'm going to follow your lead and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks again for the input!

  14. i just wanna say that, keep in mind this applies to me as well, i notice 90% of crop failure is do to "doing to much" for the plants. like in any unhealthy relationship, excessive smothering leads to imbalance which leads to "break ups". my first crop in a box was a pittyfull 1/4 pound cuz it was a new challenge for me and i grew sativas. i've been averaging 1 and a quarter with fuck ups, and now everything is in place to get me to an average of 1.5-2.0 lb. if it takes you 3 times to get things right, thats on par with "dialing in" your system. only through our errors can we realy learn how to better ourselves and our gardens, i wish you great success this run. keeping a daily journal is also a must for beginners and experts alike:) just make sure your ph is 5.5-5.8, your ppm doesn't exceed 1000-1400, and you keep your temp between 65-80, and keep your res as clean as possible:)

  15. I have a question...long time no talk by the way! I just bought 3 4x8 flood tables, and i will be using co2. and each 4x8 table with have two 1000w lights. what kind of yield should i expect on each 4x8? this will be hydroponic of course. it will be an ebb n flow system.

  16. if i was you, i'd put 3 digital(or standard if need be) 600w hps bulbs in horizontal(hopefully you spend the money and get adjustawings). this will save you electricity, increase your lumens and growth and yield with less heat. if you wanna stick with 1000w watt i'd expect 1 lb per bulb but there is potential to getting 2.5 per bulb, yield is always subject to: you the grower, your equipment, your space, the weather, the strain and nutrients. under optimal conditions in a dialed in room with hydroponics, a good strain and advanced nutrients, if you get less then 2 lb per bulb there is room for improvement:)

  17. I noticed that in your veg stage you ran HPS for 12 hours and 12 hours with a CFL - this is my 5th cycle using my Producer and I'm still doing the 18 hours on, 6 hours off light schedule, but I swapped out the Floro light for two 400watt Metal halide conversion bulbs and placed them where the HPS' normally go.

    I have a few questions:

    1) I've normally followed the BCNL grow schedule for the producer to a T, which means 3 weeks veg, 8 weeks flower. I noticed that 3 weeks veg is too long, so I am going to wait until I see roots popping out of the baskets and flip them 1.5 weeks early, if not sooner. With that said, should I keep the Metal Halides on 24 hours a day? Will this promote growth in the veg stage faster?

    2) Since I follow the grow schedule, I don't use a ppm meter, just a pH meter. Should I invest in a ppm meter as well?

    3) Unfortunately in California, no one will carry Hyox due to some regulation, or some hazard. The 4 hydro stores I went to who carry Advance Nutrients all said the same thing about not being able to carry it due to some hazard or some special hoop you have to jump through to carry it in California. I want to keep my reservoir as clean as possible, and oxygenate the water more. Is there an alternative? Would going to the store and buying h2o2 be a terrible idea?

    4) I'm a Prop 215 Medicinal Patient, and I picked up some Hindu Skunk (Hindu Kush x Skunk #1 is what they tell me). The guys at the club said I should top my plants, but I've never done this before. Is this suggested in these boxes? If I do top them, when should I do it, veg or flower? Let's say I do it in veg, when can I flip the lights to flowering after topping?

    Thanks a bunch :)

  18. bcnl grow shedule: this is a model for growers from seed as well as rooting clones. i'll be honest i, notice the sea of green method to be superior in the boxes.

    ppm meter: when growing hydroponically, it is superior to have all enviromental factors digitally monitered ans controlled, buy a "nutridip trimeter" if you can, its worth its wait on gold. get the most accurate readings with lights turned off when adjusting ph and ppm

    hyox: go back th the store and ask for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide:)

    topping: top in vegitative growth or the day you flip the lights to flower.grow no more then 4 branches per plant(i would grow only one cola plants(sea of green))

  19. Thanks for all the info. I'm going to hold off on the Hyox because I also use Voodoo Juice, and Voodoo Juice says to not use any H2O2 with it.

    I'm a bit confused regarding your comment on the Sea of Green Method. I thought the SoG method was just the ability to grow short, but bushy plants in a smaller enclosed area. Is there also a light schedule associated with it that's different than the schedule I'm following now? Could you explain this a bit more?

    Thanks again :)

  20. medicine man please do another couple strain journals on the producer

  21. my research and developement centre has moved, stay tuned for new and exciting ways to grow world class medicine:)

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  23. Do you know if Chemdog is a good strain to use with a box such as this?

  24. Okay cool, one more question - I normally blast Co2 during the veg (which is normally under one week), and I've noticed that they get large very quick, and a few of them stretch too much. When would be the perfect time to use the Co2? I was thinking about using the Co2 during flowering stages instead.

    Thanks again for all the knowledge :)

  25. if the plants are realy starting to grow add c02 in any stage. ive actually noticed that clones root awesome at 800-1000ppm that i keep my moms at. as a general guideline, keep co2 at whatever your nute ppm is, whatever the stage of growth.

  26. Can you describe your feeding instructions a bit more? The notes above are a little confusing for me, hoping you can shed some light on them :)

  27. that is the recipe for 50 litres(12.5 gal)whatever week you are in, go to any post, see the week, and do it:-)

  28. Yeah forgive my idiocy - I was discouraged by those huge white gaps in between each line, but once I pieced everything together I was able to get the conversion of how much to put in a 15gal reservoir.

    Thanks again for the help, I'm going to try your new feeding schedule and will report back with my results in 8 weeks.

  29. I just added two t5 lights down the center and some of the leaves are touching the lights. Should I cut these leaves off? I noticed the tips are getting a tad bit burned from the heat.

  30. the leaves will burn, removing them would be the best option. i have left leaves on and nothin realy happens, but its uneeded stress that is minor, but its bad feng shui for the plants.

  31. I'm in the third week of flowering (veg 1 week) and I noticed that there is something unusual that I've never seen in my previous grows - the roots are very slimy and there's a lot of white specks in the water.

    What could that be? The leaves are very very light green as well. This is the first time I've used your feeding schedule and I've been following it to a T. I normally use the default feeding schedule that came with my box (The Producer).

    Any ideas?

  32. I did some research and found that the slimy stuff might be algae. If I do 80mL of H2O2 every other day, how long until it's gone? There is quite a bit.

    I found the culprit - one of my T5 lights' cord was caught in the tub, causing a huge light gap on the left side of the tub. I fixed that.

  33. wierd. usually root rot is caused by lack of oxygen, and algea is caused in the presence of light. the only time i ever got these symptoms is when i tried using blackstrap molasses which created a brutal slime in the res and on ther roots. you should have no issues with any of mymy posted feeding routines.

  34. Hi Medicineman,
    First off, your blogs are excellent!

    Can you tell me what co2 flow -01 means? (and co2 flow-02?)

    Also in your new formula there are some additives that aren't around.
    Barricade - Use Rhino skin instead?

    Micro is the Advanced nutrients Micro, I assume?

    (Still in veg state)

    Thanks for your time

  35. flow- the regulator that came with your box has "flow settings" from 0-20. whatever week i flower in is the flow i set at res change

    nutes- all the nutes i use are advanced nutrients

    barricade is rhino skin just more concentrated and discontinued.

    i recommend you do not veg too long. cannabis grows extremely fast naturally. the box offers it optimal conditions, which means very fast growth rates. a strain like jack herer flowered the day it rooted in the box can and will be inches from the glass by harvest time. 1-5 days is more then enough for most common varieties.

    good luck and thanks, mm

  36. co2- week 1 flower=flow 1, week 2=flow 2 etc etc

  37. Hey Medicine man, great blog :-)

    I have just picked up a couple producers of my own and am looking forward to getting started. After talking with the good guys at BCNL and reading your blog, I have decided to use PK as my strain of choice.

    I have a couple questions about your PK feeding schedule:
    1) I notice that you use 12.5 gal in your res. The feeding chart provided by BCNL says to use 9 gal. Do you find using 12.5 gal works better?

    2) I am a fan of voodoo juice. I was planning on using voodoo juice for the first 2 weeks and then switching to hyox for the remainder of the weeks. What do you think?

    Thank you in advance

  38. hey tony,9 or 12.5 is fine. for me, i notiv=ce the more nute solution, the more stable ph and ppm, thats all. when it comes to voodoo, you would waste your money by adding hyox after. voodoo juice is trillions of living life forms that colonise the roots. adding hyox will kill them. you have to choose which works better for you. i personally never go over 30-40% organic matter in my hydro reses. ive had too much issues with root rot and algea. if you go organic, take 3 coffee filters, add whatever is is into them and tie the top with a twist tie and soak it in warm to hot water for 1/2 an hour to an hour. this will filter out any powder or organic chunks of whatever you decide to use. voodoo is the BOMB. but i use it in soil

  39. Hey Doc,

    Thanks for your advice.

    I have just started to fully veg my plants. They r about 4-5" tall and have good root structure.
    For this crop I decided to go with Voodoo Juice, Sensizym, Piranha, and Tarantula. I filtered the Piranha and Tarantula through coffee filters like you recommended. I just added this feed to the res yesterday and i already noticed organic matter on the roots. the roots were white prior to adding the nutrients listed above. Now they have a bkackish substance on them, Is this normal? Is this just the organic nutrients working? the roots are not slimy and they do not smell.
    Should I just scrap the organic nutrients right now and use hyox??

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. :-)

    Thanks again

  40. i think you should wait to see what happens. you've kind of entered in an unkown realm which could be beneficial or detrimental, only time will tell. if it aint broke, dont fix it. alot of the times growers will hurt their plants with the fix. organic matter will build up and the roots will change colour. if the plants like it, stick with it. let the lil ladies tell you what they need, its usually the best advice, mm

  41. Hi, great job! A question if you don't mind. In a previous comment you made you say that this yield was 3/4 in 45 days but with zero veg. I noticed in one of the posts you made you said, "day 1 flowering (7days veg)" so now I'm confused. Could you help clarify for me how long this took from planting clone to harvest? This would be greatly appreciated

  42. the recipe for the strain would dictate the timeline, recipe includes veg and or flowering or no flowering. let me know the strain u are working with and i can help u out

  43. Thanks Medicineman! The strain is Purple Kush. Also, I'm curious what percentage / concentration of hyox you're using? There seems to be different concentrations available for sale and I don't want to screw up by following your fomula but then using the wrong concentration : )

  44. okay, i only recommend 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. most grow stores, nurseries and hardware stores carry it.its good at 1.5 to 2.0 per litre. they say 1.6 is optimal though dialed in with no issues. the best thing for any grow is to have babies pre vegged before cropping your flowers. in this case 3 inch rockwool cubes are used. so root or buy cuttings 7 days before your harvest, root/veg them in 3 inchers for 7 days. harvest crop, plant same day 12/12 cycle. this way the box will never miss a beat. plants grow very fast under optimal conditions in the boxes. just make a plan stick to it then adjust any quirks which need it. i never veg in the box, always t-5's, mm

  45. Perfect! That's what I have, the 35%. Soakin'em as I type in your suggested concoction for the 24hr period. Curious as to the reason for the 24 hr period though? Most other first feeding soaking sessions I've encountered recommend only a few hours. Oh well, I guess this way I'll be sure to get all the chlorine out of the water by evaporation anyways. Got the T5 clone / veg station all ready to go now too, can't wait to plant in those 3 inchers!

  46. um, its the stonewool you have to saok for 24 hours. the reason being is to ph buffer the cube and to flush out any lime dust remaining from the factory. these recomendations are on the grodan website, not a personal formula, good luck, d

  47. Nice thinking! straight from the source, Grodan!

    So, I've managed to get my PK roots busting out of the 3"ers now after putting them under the T5's for a week after receiving my clones and I've just put them into the net pots and into teh producer.

    Should I put them imediately into flower? That was my original plan.

    Also, another question for you please:

    You sais in your pk post above that " i'm changing my reservoir level from 65 litres to 50 litres( 15 gal to 12.5 gal). "

    my rez is only 9 gallons (34 Litres) for my Producer though. Did you change rez's from the stock one?

  48. Hi there. Just wondering if you have done any mods to your box? Im told co2 is only good in a sealed room or box?
    Also how do you keep you humidity up?
    And when your vegging do you keep the clones in the dome in the 3" cubes until roots are structured?

    I just did my first grow ever. I did PK but had some breaker issues so I got a disapointing 1.5 ounces.....Im still getting dialed in.

    I also have a bloombox which I havent fired up yet. Im gonna do dirt in it while I master the hydro. How do you measure the watering when using dirt since it had no way to "overflow/ drain access water".

    Any help would be great. Your doing a killer job.

  49. hey leah, i have no mods. any mods that ive requested were done by bcnl for everyone.

    - c02: is maximised in sealed spaces and or regulated exhaust spaces. it still is used up alot in the boxes, but not 100%. once dialed if u realy wanna know, do one grow with and 1 grow without co2. under optimal conditions, c02 will still add major gians vs non co2, even though the fan(s) run all the time.

    _feeding: this you will have to dial in yourself. my friend adds 25 litres with a veg mix too wet the soil down(thurowly), then plants. he flips the lights once they need another feed. usually have the amount for the fist 3-4 weeks, then double that to finish. this is just subject to user and all the variables the user has. you will noit overflow the res nor do you need run off. jsut make sure you listen to your plants needs, nit the incessant grow chatter in the mind, haha


    ps my other buddy just cropped some beautiful og kush in 43 days in his PRO. they were starting to mold they were so ripe. without co2 these results wouldnt be so fast.

  50. hey lisa, flower them immediatly, here isno needto veg in the pro if you don thave to it shold always remain on 12/12 if you can pre veg. every day of the year u want plants flowering in there. on harvest day, have 18 more rooted lil guys ready to plant before trimming your meds, mm

  51. Thanks for the info medman.
    Another q for ya. Will barricade get rid of a fungus gnat problem? I had to deal with them last time.

  52. fungus nats seem to be the most common of pests. get yellow sticky strips and wrap them around the base of evey stalk of every plant(or somewhere convenient for you). they will eliminate them all eventually. bugs love yellow, even mites and thrips. the best thing to do is keep any dieing or dead plant material in the garbage and not the box. nats love that stuff, its their calling, good luck, mm

  53. Hi Medman,

    I totally agree, make the most out of them and have them flowering always. Thanks for the tips, their in flower now.

    I just got off the phone with BCNL to ask them about rez size since I noticed in your blog you always quote that your using a 50 Litre rez. Anyhow, they told me that they recommend using only 34 liters now because they said that they get the same results with only using 34 liters now and it allows the user to save money on nutrients.

    Me personally, I don't mind spending more on nutes if it will give me more yield so I wanted to ask you if you've tried it with using 34 liters as suggested in the manuals and get your opinion if it's true what they say that it makes no difference or if you agree with them.

    Thanks again for all the great work that you make public!

  54. the onbly reason why i use more water is the fact that ppm and ph are more stable with more water. less water and big plants(fast growing) need more maintainance, so if you factor in your work load vs nute cost every year, il bet they are exactly the same:balanced, mm

  55. Hey Medman how are you?

    I just finished testing the CO2 levels of the Producer's that I have setup using those colorimetry tests that are supposed to be accurate within 40ppm according to Jorge Cervantes.

    I tested the middle of the cab 3 times, once just after the co2 was released and once about halfway in between the releases (at 4 mins)which are timed by default to be every and then once again right before the release.

    Although the tests proved to me that the levels of co2 stayed consistent which is good news, the levels were much too low, reading 600-800 ppm for each test which I am not happy about considering they say right in the manual that the machines maintain 1600ppm levels.

    My question to you is, have you had this experience? Do you go by the regulator settings suggested in the BCNL manual? How do you recommend I increase to 1600ppm? I don't know if I should increase from 5psi when setting to 8psi or 10 psi etc...

    Please help me achieve the optimal co2 levels...

  56. Hi MM, another Q for u if u can believe it. Thanks for all your help so far! I think I read that you added some airs tones is that right? So did you just tee off the original spaghetti lines and add it and was the pump sufficient enough to pump through them all?

    I'm wanting to add more dissolved oxygen to my rez as well so I'm hoping u can help

    Happy hump day!

  57. Also, what RH were you keeping them at that the PM rebounded the last 2 wks?

  58. okay, if you read my recipes, i increase the co2 flow 1 notch on the flow meter every week in flowering, i never tested it but know it works.
    id say at flow 6-7 yer looking at 1600-2000ppm.

    about oxygen, if you read my recipes i add h202 every 2 days to increase dissolved oxygen.

    with constant exhaust, i found no need to monitor rh. pm is a disease the plant has in it, not out of it, the powder is a symptom of infection. you cant spray plants while they ripen or else. id prefer to let the pm run rampid for 2 weeks then spray the buds il be smoking with alchohol and h202. pm wont effect the buds if you stay on top of it ahead of time. where i live il bet the ppm of powder mildew in the air is 10 times that of other cities due to the amount of infected grows exhausting into the atmosphere, its literally evreywhere, mm

  59. Hi mm,

    thanks for the reply back. Trust me I've read your recipes and your posts 5 times over word for word : ) and i did notice that you increased your flow and that's great. just so you know, I've been testing the last few days and when I was running an unsealed room,it didn't matter if i was running 5 psi or 10 psi (I tried both), the ppm leveles were teh same (500-700ppm) due to teh constant ventilation of the cabs. i'm not too sure how they did their testing at BCNL but the only way I could achieve the 1600-2000ppm levels that I'm currently getting was to completely seal the room in (thank god for my water cooled A/C) that I'm keep the Producers in and to set the psi flow at 10psi. Took me a bit to get it dialed since I'm not using a co2 controller but instead using the regulator and timer the machines come with so it's really somewhat of a guessing game and I'm still testing every 8 hrs to make sure those levels stay constant

    About the h202, i did in fact read that and I wanted to add it but i was adding voodoo juice and piranha powder during that time (1rst 2 wks of flower) so I wasn't sure if it was worth it to add more h202, essentially killing off all the (expensive) beneficial bacterias. Now that I'm getting ready for wk 3 the recipe that AN suggests doesn't call for any bene's I jusat realized so I will for sure look to your recipe to add the h202

    In hindsight, i might have been better off just following your recipe from the beginning. Your PK look like they were fillin gout and rooting more than mine at the same point as I'm comparing pics and so far, the AN suggested recipe and BCNL suggested recipe has been burning my PK a bit since they are proving to be a little bit picky eaters. Planning to reduce the ppm concentration in the rez this week and hopefully they work it out...

    Thanks for doing what you do and being so helpful!

  60. use h202 or beneficials, u choose. h202 is clean, very very effective and very cheap. i get 20 litres wholesale for 40 bucks canadian. it does what benies do and more. u should do 1 run with beneis and one with h2o2, then make a definitive decision. i use beneis in soil only. hydro was vreated to be fast, efficient and clean, mm

  61. Just had a q about your o.g. grower schedual. When you say 15ml/gal micro, are you saying 15ml per gallon? I mixed the veg week for a soil grow and my ppm was at 700 with only the grow and micro, didnt seem right. Im mixing 56 liters which is around 15 us gallons.

  62. yes, its per gallon, and you are missing the b52 and bloom, mm

  63. Hey MM. You have your hps on 12 hours and the t-5 sunblaster on for 12 hours so there is never darkness or are they on at the same time? Thanks for your help im a newbie.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. you needt balance humidty with fresh air. for the first 2 days leave the dome 100% sealed, blow 2 huge breathes every 24 hours into the dome. after 48 hours, open a 1 nch hole atthe top of the dome and keep blowing co2 in every 24 hours. sfter 48 more hours, add another 1inch ole to the topof the dome. after 6 days total, remove thge dome an exposese them to air, they should al be rooted in 10 days if not sooner.

    remember, no fresh air for 2 days, then a lil fresh air for 2 days, then more fresh air then remove dome. by day 6 mine need to be fed and by the time they need another feeding 99% of them have roote.

    some strains need more time.

    the mostimporant thing is t be patient and dont obsess over them. giv them their space and time, just like a master grower would, mm

  66. Hey MM.
    My co2 reg only has psi, do you have an older style reg or am I missing something? co2-01 is'nt co2 psi-10 is it?

  67. 1 psi = 1 psi. 10 psi = 1- psi.

    i have the same regulators that all boxes come with, mm

  68. Still a bit confused. what psi do you set your reg at for week 3?

  69. sorry, that last post was 1 ps1 =1 psi, and 10 = 10. what ever week you are in, put it to that psi, mm 1-1, 2-2, 3-3,

  70. Ok that make perfect sense. Thanks MM

  71. Hey MM. I have a little nute burn in my dirt box on week 3 flower. what would you recommend I feed for week four? I was told straight water for the next week? What would you do.

  72. i would feed 1/4 strngth, then half then full. keep a keen eye on ppm and soil moisture. alot of overwatering can look like nute burn, mm

  73. oh my god what a method those boxes look great and your plants look even better. iam growing nl my self under 600w hps in coco using canna a & b bat guano only a little and canna boost there into 2 week of flowering there about 2 and half 3 foot tall nice an bushy plenty of budding sights i topped them in 3 week of veg to sprout more colas. i know we all want big yield but could you tell me on a ruff guess what these may produce. thanks

  74. ? not really, every room is subject to so many variables. id recommend growing 4-8 branches max when topping, it will keep everything vey consistent as far as size and quality are concerned, mm

  75. hey medicineman. thanks for all the great info. i have a producer and am having trouble figuring out how much water to add in between changing the reservoir water. do you add plain water or do you have a nutrient mix you supplement with? also do you use the veg light during flowering? and how long to you use co2? thanks

  76. i always add fresh water every change(7 days).

    i do use the cfl for flower to add lumens and spectrum.

    i use c02 in veg to harvest, and the ppm matches my nute ppm, mm

  77. MM, ur postings have been a great source of knowledge for me...thanks for the master tips :) I have a few Q's of my own - have u made any recent modifications to ur previously posted formulas for pk in the producer, veg or flower? I am following ur methods to a T and want to stay current with the best info for growing in the producer. Any new news wud b great. Cheers.!!!

  78. ive been using just mother earth tea, kushy kush and organic bee for a recipe with amzing results, peace, mm

  79. BCNL for sale on craigslist if your in the sf bay area