Sunday, March 8, 2009

trichomes and bud : medical marijuana strains

ricky simpson. named after a cancer curer on canadas eastern coast. this is a monster haze hybrid, with stocks as hard as nails, and gargantuan colas, innitial bubble gum smell maturing into a sour/skunk/haze/hash aroma.
pian killer. her buds are so rock hard they feel like they've been vacuum sealed. no joke. extreme pungent sour smell, very medicinal taste.

green giant- this plant has all the characteristics of northern cali starins- tropical smell and tatse, little if any orange hairs, neon green buds, extremely coated with trichomes, high yields. she is great for walks or hikes, an afternoon siesta, appetite, reading, morning or daytime. one patient i know uses this one specifically for back pain and bad cramps from pms. its a very social feeling.

green giant- when grown organically this beauty takes on more of a nutty peppery smell and very unique taste and high

green giant- this is a beautiful sative dominant plant that can be cropped at 7 weeks in the bc northern lights boxes, or left for 9 if necessary.

green giant- under optimal conditions the gg can yield 1.25 g per watt. specifically in hydro set ups. one of the best sea of green and/or super cropping plants i've ever seen!

green giant- it smells like a skunks ass when in a bag or pocket, like fresh flowers in the bag or jar, like sweet fruit or bubble gum when the nug is cracked and very bubble yummy on the lips when smoked in a bong and very fresh clean green and sweet in a joint.

green giant- one of the best specimens of a 60/40 sativa/indica.

green giant- developed in the emerald triangle aka humbolt,mendicino and trintity counties of northern california. one of many world class cannabis strains developed in this region.

a/k- the lower buds are extremely luminescent, a real fluorescent green

a/k- just look at the purple hues, this smells good enough to eat!!!

a/k- this plant is so dank it reeks of healing powers. these plants have been used ,in its region of origin, for thousands of years as "hash plants". harvested solely for their powerful resin.

afgahni kush- the best of both plants: extremely fast finishing, pungent piney kush smell, purple colour, high yields and a buzz you feel from your ears into the back of your legs. great for pain, appetite, insomnia, post traumatic stress or just a good rush of energy for ms. if you have responsibilities, don't smoke before hand, save it for the evening.

white widow- this is a shot of the leaf, just coated with perfect tall standing trichomes that glisten like gems. this plant is great for more functional patients. if don't wanna feel burnt out, or need your problem solving skills. very energetic, up, cerebral high. the best for day time routines.

white widow- this plant can finish in 7-8 weeks in the bc northern lights grow cabinets, 2 weeks earlier then arjan (creator of the whits widow)recommends for typical grows.

white widow

white widow- stalks and leaves are coated with tall standing stalked trichomes

white widow- this is just a leaf

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